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YouTube Genre History About the Creator of “Sonichu”

  • Christine Weston Chandler, known as Chris Chan, is one of the most documented people online.
  • His recent incest arrest has revitalized a huge YouTube subgenre.
  • Geno Samuel said he was suspending his popular series chronicling Chandler due to the incest allegation.

Christine Weston Chandler, the internet personality known as Chris Chan who was recently arrested for incest, has been called “the most documented person” in the history of the Internet.

The trolls have spent years archiving thousands of his emails, calls and journal entries on wikis. The harassment campaign peaked between 2008 and 2011 when convoluted storylines emerged where trolls pretended to be romantic rivals and stole fake girlfriends, causing Chandler will post response videos on YouTube.

This enormous wealth of information has led to an entire YouTube subgenre of videos about Chandler and his life. Fredrik Knudsen, who has a million subscribers, posted a 20-minute video “down the rabbit hole” video on Chandler in 2016 which attracted over 4.4 million views.

There are thousands of Chandler videos on YouTube, ranging from “iceberg” videos analyzing the rumors until the hour-long breakdowns of the Cartoon character “Sonichu” that Chandler created and became known for.

Chandler was charged with one count of incest on Sunday after a leaked audio recording alleged she had sex with her 79-year-old mother. In the days that followed, dozens of videos with hundreds of thousands of views appeared on YouTube while the news spread to other platforms as well. On TikTok, the hashtag “#ChrisChan” has attracted more than 30 million views, and his name had more than 200,000 impressions on Twitter when trending on the platform last week.

Chris Chan arrested

Footage of Chandler’s arrest was streamed live on YouTube.

Ralph replica / YouTube

But new creators will no doubt have to wrestle with the moral dilemma of imbibing the opinions they’ll glean from Chandler’s alleged misery and misdeeds.

Geno Samuel, who made a Documentary in 59 parts about Chandler on a YouTube channel where he has more than 140,000 subscribers, told Insider he wouldn’t pursue the project for fear it would be “beneficial and unpleasant.”

“It was quite concerning how nonchalant she seemed when she was being arrested,” Samuel said, adding that he was concerned about Chandler’s apparent mental state in footage of her arrest that aired in April. line.

YouTube is fertile ground for Chris Chan content

Samuel’s “Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History” is considered the most comprehensive YouTube series on Chandler, analyzing the designer’s life from her struggling early days at school and through the trolls who accosted her online during years, although the series only covers Chandler’s life through 2017.

“Because of the amount of content she has produced and the information she has self-disclosed or taken away from her, she has a significant number of followers and watchers who remain interested in every little thing. public she does,” Samuel told Insider.

Samuel said he thought it would be “beneficial” to create a series of videos with the information cataloged on the CWCki, a Wiki dedicated to Chandler that has over 2,000 pages of archived content. The site takes an aggressive tone against Chandler, often belittling and insulting her. Samuel said he wanted to create an “unbiased” look at the recorded information.

Since the project began two years ago, Samuel has garnered 30 million views and archived more than 90 gigabytes of videos, images and text, he said.

His channel has gained more than 9,000 subscribers in the past week since Chandler’s incest allegations came to light, according to the social media analytics website. SocialBlade.

Geno Samuel sought to document Chandler’s online life ‘objectively’

When creating this series, Samuel said he tried to avoid editorializing the story by only posting Chandler’s words and verified information, unlike the “disparaging” way in which other creators spoke about Chandler, who previously said she was on the autism spectrum.

At the request of trolls, she once shared a 2004 admission survey claiming she was “diagnosed with autism around the age of five or six”. In 2009, she created a autism tutorial using the video game “Little Big Planet” and called herself a “high-level autistic artist”.

Samuel said he’s seen comments from viewers saying they expected to laugh, but “end up feeling upset and, in some cases, crying over his story.”

Samuel says Chandler’s story is like “watching an endless car accident that you can’t look away from,” seeing her repeatedly trusting internet trolls and falling into plans meant to antagonize her.

The YouTube world can’t get enough of Chris Chan’s content

The most hardcore “Christians” – Chris Chan historians – often try to justify the schadenfreude of poking fun at Chandler, especially regarding his autism diagnosis, by referencing his past controversies online.

In the past, Chandler used an anti-gay slur, even though she has since changed position and came out as trans in 2016. The trolling shows that Chandler fell in love with led her to post videos where she sung in blackface.

Chandler’s critics also note that she has in the past asked for donations, including in 2016 asking for help to afford his mother’s medicinebefore being accused of spending money on toys and Lego products.

“Thus far, the story of Chris Chan has been without any clear heroes,” Samuel said, adding that the incest allegations could tip the scales of public opinion in favor of Chandler.

Chandler was denied bail and is due in court in September. His attorney was unavailable to comment on the case at press time.

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