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Wikipedia page of Rohit Sardana vandalized by Islamists after his death

Rohit Sardana, popular news anchor at Aaj Tak, died earlier today. According to reports, he was infected with Covid-19 and suffered cardiac arrest before death.

While the tragic news drew condolences from most people on social media, some activists and social media users celebrated the death as Sardana was seen to be right-wing by left-wing liberals and Islamists. Several Islamists, including those with verified Twitter pseudonyms, abused the soul of the deceased.

But such hatred for Rohit Sardana was not limited to social media, it was also seen on the journalist’s Wikipedia page. Sardana’s wiki page was updated at 7:10 am today to reflect his death, and within minutes the Islamists began vandalizing the page for abuse.

Just 35 minutes after the first cut after his death, someone added in the report: “He was also suffering from modism”, replacing the world Covid-19 with Modism. This was only the start of dozens of such editions, abusing the former journalist.

Changes were made to the Wikipedia page calling Sardana a “paltu patrakar” and “chu * tiya”, claiming he had a bachelor’s degree in “dallagiri” etc. he was a ‘chaddhi sanghi’, a ‘gaumutra drinking sannghi’, a ‘paid bhakt’ etc.

Some people have been more outspoken about their hatred for Rohit Sardana, who wrote that it was good that the person was dead, using offensive words towards him.

Rohit Sardana’s short Wikipedia page has been edited nearly 500 times today, with editors adding the terms “Dallal Journalist”, “Bootlicker of BJP”, etc.

While most people have edited the body of the post, some have also edited the page’s infobox, adding words like “dalla” and “BJP ka dalla” to its name. In one edit, was inserted in the website field and its age was written as 786.

However, not all acts of vandalism were negative and abusive for Sardana. Responding to the abuse, the pro-Sardana editors also resorted to vandalism of the page, inserting praise for it while removing edits.

He has been described as “one of the greatest personalities in news media” by one editor, while another described him as “a nationalist journalist and ka baap Muslims”. Some editors added that he was known to “deflate Muslim propaganda and teach strict lessons to pseudo-liberals.”

Not all acts of vandalism were negative or positive for Rohit Sardana. Some of the changes may be considered vandalism because they added unnecessary information that does not meet Wikipedia standards. In such modifications, one person added “My uncle was his distant cousin”, while another added: “My cousin was his wife’s nephew”.

Along with such vandalism, the Wikipedia page also saw a large number of changes after the death of Rohit Sardana. Besides updating the page with the information relating to his death, there have been several conflicting changes on the cause of death. While some editors said he died of a heart attack while suffering from Covid-19, others changed that to say he died due to Covid-19. As a result, a tag indicating that the article is heavily edited has been inserted on the page.

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