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Why Kadaza should be your new homepage

There are over 2 billion websites today and the internet continues to grow at a dizzying rate. A group of internet enthusiasts felt that someone needed to step in to provide a simple overview of the most popular resources on the web. That’s why they developed Kadaza. It is an Internet start page, like an old-fashioned homepage, which provides an overview of the most visited sites on the web. The most popular websites were researched and then organized into colorful theme pages, providing a helpful guide through the ever-changing online maze.

Covering a myriad of topics and categories, Kadaza is a comprehensive internet guide, ideal for people who like it simple. You can also simply bookmark the site for a quick and colorful overview of the most popular websites by topic.

Interested in knowing more? Here is an overview of Kadaza, the handy internet portal.

Do you remember Internet start pages?

We tend to visit the same websites over and over again. But there was a time when that didn’t happen. Instead, people found websites through portals and start pages. Instead of relying on fun links through social media or using the same old online stores and sources of information, the start pages would feature new destinations to check out.

Although the Internet has changed and social networks and search engines have replaced most web portals, a clear homepage is actually still very useful. With Kadaza as your homepage, you can enjoy the best websites available from its easy-to-use collection of categorized listings.


Most splash pages have been lost to history, but Kadaza shows how they should have evolved.

Kadaza: the homepage showcasing the best of the Internet

This seems quite normal at first glance. You load up, and are presented with a collection of the most popular sites online. Think of your browser window when you first open it or start a new tab — that’s how it is.

However, Kadaza does not only offer you a collection of the best websites.

There’s a Google search bar, as well as a drop-down menu to change search providers and search types. So you can search Yahoo as easily as Bing, Wikipedia or even YouTube.

Websites are divided into key categories. These range from all the usual topics to trending events. For example, at the time of writing, Kadaza offers a Mother’s Day section, complete with links to gift guides, custom card making services, and flower delivery services.

Elsewhere on the site, Kadaza offers a collection of weekly tips, a comprehensive collection of all categories listed, and the option to choose a default search engine (with a choice of Google, Bing or Yahoo).

Create a customizable homepage

You can add your favorite and most frequently visited websites to the customizable homepage without the need to register. The site consists of boxes containing logos, and these logos can be modified. It’s very simple to do, and you can also drag the blocks around if you want to move them somewhere else. Get started by clicking the customize icon on the homepage. You can also give the homepage your own style with background images and colors. There is an extensive gallery of background images to choose from, including landscape, animal, and city photos.

How Kadaza Chooses Websites

Finding interesting new websites is rare. Kadaza helps overcome this problem by accompanying its search function with a collection of curated websites.

Its goal is to offer the best of the web through a rigorous selection process that focuses on sites visited and used regularly. By focusing on popular sites, the Internet becomes easier to use.

Sites are selected by humans, with a requirement for “original, unique and informative content” in each category. The selection is based on a variety of information, from audience research to traffic rankings and other research to find out if the site provides rare or unique information.

And if you feel like Kadaza missed an important website, you can suggest one.

Curious about the most visited websites in other parts of the world? Kadaza editors have also clearly mapped the most popular websites in nearly 60 countries. After the successful launch of Kadaza in various countries, there have been many enthusiastic reactions from all over the world. This has led to a worldwide network of Kadaza fans who contribute to the selection of Kadaza content and translation. This essentially makes the site a global encyclopedia of websites, maintained by people around the world, and great for reference.

Find the Best of the Web with the Kadaza Web Portal

Using Kadaza is a breath of fresh air. You have the links to the sites you need, available at a glance without you having to remember if you have already bookmarked them. There’s the simple search tool, and you also have the configuration options if you need to tweak things.

If you need a simple new homepage that gives you the links you need with minimal fuss, the Kadaza web portal is the place to start.

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