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Why is Ryan Trahan going viral? Exploring the explosive growth of content creator on YouTube

Ryan Trahan recently exploded in popularity with his new series: 1 Penny 1 Million Meals. A month-long venture where he travels across the United States to deliver a dime to YouTube superstar Mr Beast.

His meteoric rise to fame has been talked about as, according to the latest estimates, the YouTuber has added over two million subscribers to his name in the last month. With two days to go until the end of the challenge, it currently has 9.62 million subscribers under its belt, all thanks to its innovative content that not only entertains viewers but also helps the underprivileged.

Along with the series’ stunning success on YouTube, Ryan has raised over $1 million for charity through his daily uploads.

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Why is Ryan Trahan traveling across the United States with just a penny?

Ryan started his career on YouTube in tandem with the intention of becoming a professional racer for his school. His entrepreneurial sensibilities found an early outlet in a water bottle company he started called Neptune.

Unfortunately, he had to give up his racing aspirations and dropped out of college because of sports regulations. On the plus side, he could now focus on his YouTube career.

Climbing the YouTube Ladder

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Ryan started his YouTube channel making running and sports videos. His channel became a niche for running enthusiasts but failed to really break into the charts. So, in early 2018, he changed tack to create content for a wider audience.

Its new strategy includes lifestyle videos, vlogs and commentary. It paid off as the budding YouTuber hit one million subscribers within a year.

His IRL challenge videos were particularly popular with viewers and even allowed him to interact with YouTube superstars like Mr Beast. His videos provide good retention by mixing shock value and intense challenges to appeal to a wider audience. His viral videos include “I spent 100 days in Metaverse” and “I survived the loudest room in the world.”

‘A Penny A Million Meals’ Viral Video Series Explained

Ryan Trahan’s YouTube channel is full of absurd challenges and, interestingly, this isn’t his first penny challenge. Last year, he made a three-part video series about living on a dime for three days. He also created a series where he traded a dime until he could afford a house.

A big reason the recent challenge is going viral is because of its absurd stipulation: Ryan must trade $0.01, do odd jobs, and try bartering until he can afford to cross the country without asking. monetary assistance.

And to make things more interesting, if people donate $50,000, either individually or if the donation pool reaches the goal, Ryan has to start over from a penny and progress from that point.

Weekly growth of Ryan Trahan's YouTube channel (Image via Social Blade)
Weekly growth of Ryan Trahan’s YouTube channel (Image via Social Blade)

Moreover, the integration of the viewer’s interaction in the series in this way helps it to raise funds for charity. It’s one of the main reasons Ryan Trahan’s popularity has skyrocketed, earning him over 1.5 million subscribers in the past 30 days according to Social Blade. His fundraising has crossed US$1.2 million at the time of writing the video.

we just broke $1,000,000 raised for Feeding America through our fundraiser 😭😭😭 cry irl

The YouTuber even has an interesting story behind delivering a penny to Mr Beast. Apparently, Trahan recently came across a study that theorizes that the penny will disappear next year. This prompted him to deliver one to raise awareness.

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In conclusion, the rise in popularity of Ryan Trahan is due to several factors. All this fits perfectly into his One penny a million meals challenge. The challenge attracts a global audience not only by providing compelling content, but also by supporting philanthropic efforts.

Not to mention that Ryan’s daily vlogs and personality are big factors why so many viewers have flocked to the channel.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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