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Who is Frank from The Circle? Digital Creator describes himself as the “influential social worker”

Netflix returns with its hit game show, The circle, featuring digital creator Frank as one of its contestants. The 29-year-old describes himself as the “influential social worker”. He will star himself in the series alongside fellow contestants Yu Ling Wu, Alyssa Ljubicich, Rachel Evans and Crissa Jackson.

Premiering on May 4, the show will also feature five contestants fishing for the remaining players. They are Josh Brubaker (as Bru), Alex Brizard (as Nathan), John Franklin (as Carol) and Parker Abbott (as Paul).

Featuring a new group of contestants, The Circle is a jaw-dropping game show where players compete for popularity and appreciation without revealing their identities. They are allowed to text each other and send pictures to each other. Whoever earns the most likes from their unseen competitors will win the game.

The show’s official synopsis reads:

The circle focuses on contestants who must fight for online popularity in the title application, either by playing themselves or by becoming a conniving catfish. While this season promises more fakes than ever, it also guarantees more drama and surprises. And hopefully more iconic witch hunts. (Tip: if you’re playing a girl in her twenties, come prepared with a full beat, okay?)

Free of The circle was about to be deported in 2018

Born on April 11, 1993, Maryland native Frank Grimsley’s life was miserable in 2018. He had graduated from college but had no job and had a negative bank account. The situations were such that he was about to be expelled. However, at the time of the crisis, he received an offer from an event organization company to host their Swim Soirée program.

Frank also received another offer to become one of the panelists for a plus-size shopping company. He was completely shocked when they asked him about his rates. From that moment, he realized he could use the art of storytelling to earn a living.

Since then, the 29-year-old digital creator has become a licensed therapist, storyteller and DMV content creator. He frequently promotes many brands on his Instagram page. He can visit hotels, salons and cafes to try out their new ventures.

The Maryland native calls himself an “influential social worker” for the good he does. Frank is a body positivity advocate. He accepts himself as he is and invites people to do the same.

Viewers can watch Season 4 of The Circle on Netflix on Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

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