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Where to buy Tyler, the Creator x Converse GLF 2.0? Price, release date and more explored

Tyler, the Creator continues his longstanding partnership with Converse with the launch of their collaborative effort’s newest silhouette, GOLF the Fluer 2.0, which is styled like the GLF 2.0. Continuing their 5-year partnership, the duo debuted two new colorways of the GLF silhouette in the latest iteration.

The Tyler, the Creator x Converse GLF 2.0 sneakers are set to release on the official Converse e-commerce site on Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 10 a.m. EDT for $110.

Learn more about the next Tyler, the Creator x Converse GOLF the Fluer 2.0 (GLF 2.0 sneakers)

Upcoming Tyler, the Creator x Converse GOLF le Fluer 2.0 (GLF 2.0) sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Upcoming Tyler, the Creator x Converse GOLF le Fluer 2.0 (GLF 2.0) sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)

Tyler, the creator, is currently on his Call me if you get lost tour, which takes place across the UK, Europe and Australia. The singer/rapper went from Ignor to Yonker and made a name for himself in the music world, but that doesn’t stop him from being a creative genius in the shoe world as well.

The singer/rapper has produced numerous collaborative shoe offerings with the All-Star label, starting with his most recent Golf Wang to old schools, and now to his personal collections. This upcoming offering is a nod to all the collaborations the dynamic duo have released together, starting in 2017.

The duo kicked off their partnership in 2017 with the release of the GLF silhouette, which was covered in suede with a simple design featuring the iconic floral pattern, however, this GLF 2.0 is much bolder and faithfully reflects the duo’s collaborative offerings. introduced to their fans over the years. Showcasing the shoes, the Converse site reads,

“In 2017, we launched the original GLF design with Tyler, The Creator: a distinct suede sneaker with GOLF le FLEUR*’s signature floral pattern and vibrant colors. After years of collaborations and explorations, the creative visionary designed an all-new shape inspired by the OG sneaker that started it all.”

The new offering, GLF 2.0, carries a contemporary and sensible design, while incorporating an old-school court aesthetic.

GLF 2.O's latest offering on Converse (Image via Sportskeeda)
GLF 2.O’s latest offering on Converse (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Los Angeles-born artist added scalloped design lines and fluidity to the shoe’s upper in a nod to the collaborative duo’s Gianno silhouette offering, while the shoe’s base is constructed from metal. a canvas bottom and suede overlays. According to the official website,

“Distorted lines, bold color blocking, and a mix of canvas and suede continue the trend of finding unexpected possibilities in classic Converse styling.”

As a throwback to the 2017 GLF model, retro references were showcased through remixed Converse license plates and textured midsoles. Tyler, the designer, added his GOLF le FLEUR branding to the tongues of the shoes to add an extra touch to the pair.

GOLF le FLEUR* x Converse returns with the GLF 2.0, an all-new silhouette that debuts in two colorways on Thursday, June 9.

The limited-edition low-top silhouette incorporates a cup-sole construction and a lightweight CX liner in the sole to add stability and premium comfort. The color block design is used on the upper in signature GOLF le FLEUR tones, while the outsole is dressed in a pop color tone.

The sneakers also feature a license plate, custom woven label and pink insoles. In addition to the sneakers, the company will also offer two customizable color options in the flat poly laces.

The Tyler, the Creator x Converse GLF 2.0 silhouettes will arrive in two colorways namely, Curry/Copper Tan/Winter White and Oil Green/Bison/Winter White on June 9, 2022 on the official Converse e-commerce site for retail sale. price of $110.

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