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What is the connection between Blade and Captain America in the Marvel comics?

The Blade movie has been announced by the MCU and it will be Marvel’s seventh Phase 5 movie. The movie will finally be released on November 3, 2023. We’ve seen a Blade franchise before but this one will be different. First of all, the actor who will play Eric Brooks is none other than Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali. The movie will also most likely be very different as it won’t exactly have the bloody R-rated fight sequences. The most interesting thing about Blade in the MCU is that he may have a weird connection to Captain America.

Blade Origin Story

Blade and his origin story in the comics

How the Blade movie plays out is entirely dependent on its origin story in the MCU. Here is his origin story from the comics. Eric Brooks was born in London to his mother Tara. Deacon Frost, the doctor who helped Tara give birth, was actually a vampire. He bit her while she was in labor, which resulted in the transfusion of certain enzymes into the unborn baby’s blood. He lost his mother and was raised as an orphan. Eric was trained by Jamal Afari to be a brilliant fighter and an excellent fighter. And that’s how he became the Blade we know today. Eventually, he also received superhuman abilities from Morbius the Living Vampire when he bit Blade. However, there is an alternate timeline where Blade could have been connected to Captain America.

Login to Captain America

Blade as part of Secret Invaders

In a different Marvel timeline, from The Avengers comic #57 by Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón, Erik Brooks had a different storyline. The storyline for this comic follows the Avengers as they are lost in time. Meanwhile, Mephisto continued to cause trouble for superheroes. He even had Blade as one of his targets. The only heroes who could help the Avengers and save them from Mephisto were Sgt. Szardos, WWII Supreme Soldier and Blade. Here he was part of a group known as the Secret Invaders.

Captain America in World War II

It was in the year 1943 and the secret invaders including Soldier Supreme who was a variant of Sorcerer Supreme, Man-Thing, Ghost Rider and Blade were fighting in World War II against the Nazis. That would mean there’s a slim chance that Blade is somehow connected to Captain America. In fact, he could have fought alongside Cap in the war as well. This means Blade’s introduction to the MCU could involve Captain America references and memorabilia.

Blade in the MCU

Post Eternals credits scene features Blade

Through the Eternals post-credits scene, it’s already been introduced to the MCU. During the scene, Dane Whitman of Kit Harrington or rather Black Knight almost wielded the ebony blade which was a supposed heirloom from his family. He came in a mysterious box that was engraved with his family crest. However, he was stopped by a strange voice that said “Are you sure you’re ready for this, Mr. Whitman?” This voice was later revealed to be that of Mahershala Ali, who was announced to portray Blade in the upcoming film.

The supernatural side of the MCU

His character hasn’t been mentioned in the MCU much before. However, it could just be that he kept a low profile. After all, his fight was against vampires. And it’s a world that has yet to be tapped into by the MCU. They have only recently begun experimenting with the most supernatural heroes. These heroes include Moon Knight, the upcoming Werewolf by Night, and even Ghostrider. This explains why none of the other heroes seem to know him.

Another interesting rumor is that Wesley Snipes and Mahershala Ali will return to the MCU during Avengers: Secret Wars. In the comics, Blade was part of Secret Wars. And so was Captain America who was part of the Avengers. Some reports have claimed that Chris Evans and even Robert Downey Jr. will return to the MCU for Avengers: Secret Wars. This would give Marvel another opportunity to explore the dynamic between Captain America and Blade while swapping their war stories.

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