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VicPol investigates offensive Wikipedia edit linked to police IP address

An IP address linked to Victoria Police was caught editing Gulidjan’s Wikipedia page in watered-down language used to describe the genocide of the tribe, whose language was almost completely wiped out due to colonization.

Victoria Police have confirmed to PEDESTRIAN.TV that they are investigating the changes.

“Victoria Police have been made aware of changes to a web page that have been linked to a Victoria Police IP address.

“We understand that the conduct allegedly committed is both inappropriate and offensive to Aboriginal people,” said a police spokesperson.

Twitter user Strength (@StrewthQueen) reported the changes and looked for the responsible IP address to establish the connection with the Victoria Police Force. PEDESTRIAN.TV was able to independently verify the user’s account.

The article previously pointed out that more than 300 indigenous people had been “murdered by whites” and called the attacks an “invasion”. The almost anonymous editor changed the first sentence to “dead” and deleted the word invasion in favor of a more neutral sentence.

The publisher said they made the changes on Christmas Day “due to hate propaganda accused by the police (sic) of the early colonial period of white settlement.”

The changes have since been reversed.

First of all, can I say: lol. There is irony in defending white supremacy in such a pedantic and petty manner, but unable to spell “politically”.

Second, it’s pretty crazy considering the police’s association with Blak’s deaths in custody, racial profiling, and the fact that it’s generally an institution that supports the white supremacist Australian state. So it’s not great to hear that some people at VicPol, potentially officers themselves, think that the Europeans killing indigenous people en masse is nothing more than “hate propaganda”. . The attitude you might infer from this position does not inspire confidence that the police are ready to repair the injuries they are accused of causing.

But credit is due, police admitted the changes were offensive to indigenous peoples.

The history of the publisher (or the computer used by the publisher) also includes small corrections made to the neo-Nazis. Tom Sewell, the article for Nissan Patrols, and Jimmy barnes album For the working class man.

There are a few older edits on the page that update the information about the Victoria Police Air Wing and also the Rhodesian Air Force. However, these changes were made in 2019.

The Professional Standards Command is investigating the changes, but it is important to note that this is another example of police officers investigating their colleagues.

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