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Valkyrae and Ludwig discuss which designer could beat him in a fight

In a recent stream, YouTube Gaming Powerhouse and Streamer of the Year, Ludwig, took inspiration from xQc to create his version of the tier for streamers and online content creators, ranking them based on their ability to beat him. in a boxing match.

After successfully ranking male designers, the duo decided to rank some prominent female designers who could potentially beat them in a fight. The lineup includes popular names from the streaming world like Pokimane, Leslie, Miyoung, LilyPichu, and TinaKitten.

While making some hilarious remarks, the Streamer of the Year surprisingly noted:

“I think Pokimane killed a human.”

YouTube streamers Valkyrae and Ludwig have put together a boxing list of female creators

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The popular tier ranking list is trending again, but this time with an exciting and fun twist. Instead of ranking creators and streamers based on the quality and consistency of their content, the Los Angeles native decided to rank them based on their physical strength, or more specifically the likelihood of them winning a prize. boxing match against him.

During the June 17, 2022 broadcast, YouTube Gaming stars Valkyrae and Ludwig decided to rank streamers and creators. The duo first placed male designers like Nickmercs, Jake Paul, Sykkuno and Will Neff in the “They’d destroy me” category. The duo then moved on to female designers for the same thing, and what happened next was a series of hilarious events.

The ranking first started with Twitch streamer Leslie “Fuslie” earning the final tier due to her terrible coordination. The duo even went on to explain their take on Rifle and speculated that Leslie might end up knocking herself down before anyone else could even fight her during the match.

For best shot, the duo decided to give Twitch Gaming sensation Imane “Pokimane” first place. When ranking the Moroccan-Canadian streamer, the duo spent a lot of time on how easily Pokimane would fare against him, especially when it comes to a physical fight.

While making some hilarious remarks to back up their point, Valkyrae said:

“I think Imane would literally kill you and me.”

Supporting Rae, the Los Angeles native even joined in and speculated that Pokimane might have killed someone before.

“I think she already killed a person. I think Pokimane killed a human. I believe, I honestly believe, that’s my conspiracy theory, I believe. I believe she killed a man. “

Fans React to Ludwig’s Tier Ranking System for Streamers

The hilarious conversation between the two popular YouTube stars sparked a flurry of interesting responses from viewers. Needless to say, the internet is obsessed with how close Rae and Ludwig have been in such a short time.

Additionally, several streamers are hoping to see the two collaborate more often. Their conversations are almost always hilarious and eventually lead to many hilarious moments enjoyed by all.

Fans react to Ludwig's tiered ranking system (Image via Streamer Moments/YouTube)
Fans react to Ludwig’s tier-ranking system (Image via Streamer Moments/YouTube)
Fans react to Ludwig's tiered ranking system (Image via Streamer Moments/YouTube)
Fans react to Ludwig’s tier-ranking system (Image via Streamer Moments/YouTube)

Although Ludwig was clearly joking about Pokimane killing someone, it led to a comedic moment between the two popular creators, based on a hypothetical boxing match.

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