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Umbrella Academy: Elliot Page’s character will become transgender in season 3

Art will soon imitate life in The Umbrella Academy. A source close to the production told IGN that Elliot Page’s characters will go transgender in the show’s third season, where he will be known as Viktor Hargreeves going forward.

Page tweeted a photo of himself as Viktor on his personal Twitter account which Netflix tweeted and added, “Welcome to the family, Viktor – we’re so glad you’re here.”

Elliot Page came out as transgender in 2020, and Netflix confirmed shortly after that Page would continue to star in the Umbrella Academy, although he didn’t provide any additional details at the time. Page starred in the first two seasons of The Umbrella Academy, where he played Hargreeves as a character who can evoke the apocalypse through music.

Umbrella Academy is based on a popular comic book series. While Page’s character isn’t transgender in the comics, this change will align Viktor’s story with Page’s.

In an announcement in 2020, Page came out as transgender and identified with the pronouns he/they. In a public statement, Page wrote:

“I feel immense gratitude for the amazing people who have supported me throughout this journey…I can’t begin to express how remarkable it is to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self. .”

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Character Posters

The Umbrella Academy is based on the comic book written by My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way about a family of superheroes adopted by a renowned explorer. The third season will premiere on Netflix on June 22, 2022.

Matt TM Kim is IGN’s Managing Editor. You can join it @lawoftd.

Additional reporting by Alex Stedman.

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