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Tyler, The Creator Calls NFTs “A Dick Swing Contest”

Digital assets known as NFTs have exploded over the past year, their growth inviting increasingly polarized responses from artists and fans alike. Tyler, The Creator emerged as one of the growing NFT skeptics during a talk for the Converse All Star series released on Wednesday. Watch the comments above from 12 minutes via Revolt.

Before admitting a degree of ignorance surrounding NFTs and their function, Tyler called NFTs relatively soulless compared to IRL experiences such as hikes and driving 40 minutes for a donut. “What’s an NFT, buddy, if I’m really out?” he said. “It’s just a cock-swapping contest, like, ‘Look, I bought a picture of a monkey?’… none of the examples I’ve seen are like fine art. He’s a fucking monkey in a Supreme hoodie.

“I’m absolutely not into it,” Tyler continued, “because you can’t watch me in real life right now…I like tangible things.” The comments mirror a similar statement from Kanye West, who posted in February an Instagram statement read “Stop asking me to do NFTs…I do real world music and stuff.”

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