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Twitter Circle is now available to all users; here’s how to use it

Twitter announced that it has rolled out Twitter Circle for all users. The social network started testing the feature in May 2022 for some users, before making it available to everyone.

What is the Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle lets you create a group of users and share Tweets with them. Basically, it’s like a group on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram (list of close friends).

What is the Twitter Circle

But unlike regular groups, there are some restrictions here. Messages and media that you share on your Twitter circle cannot be retweeted by other users, even if they are members of the group. They can, however, reply to your Tweets and like them.

How to Create a Twitter Circle

Click the Tweet compose button and you should see a prompt on Twitter Circle. The start button guides you through the process.

create a twitter circle

The panel that opens has two tabs, the 2nd which is labeled “Recommended” displays a list of people it thinks you might want to add to your Twitter circle, this includes people you follow and your followers. Click the Add button next to a user’s name to include them in your circle. You can use the search button at the top of the list to find other users to add to your circle, even if they don’t follow you on Twitter.

How to Create a Twitter Circle

The social network only allows users to create one circle, you can choose to add up to 150 people to it. Twitter says it won’t notify users when you add or remove them from your Twitter circle. If you want to leave a Twitter circle, you can mute, unfollow or block the list creator, or just mute the conversation.

How to post tweets to your Twitter circle

Now that you’ve created a Twitter circle, you can start sharing content with your members. To access it, click the Tweet compose button. You will notice that a new drop-down button has appeared at the top of the post editor. This gives you the choice to select who you want to share your Tweet with, everyone or your Twitter circle. (On mobile, it says Public instead of Everyone). Select the 2nd option i.e. Twitter Circle.

How to share tweets with your Twitter circle

Type your message like a normal Tweet, optionally add an image or video, then click the Tweet button. It will be shared with your Twitter circle. The usual restrictions apply to messages, for example, your message cannot exceed a total of 280 characters.

Twitter Circle

The website/app will label tweets posted in your circle with a message that they are not publicly available.

Editing your Twitter circle is simple, just click on the composer drop-down menu and select the “Edit” button next to the Twitter Circle option. This opens the list management panel, which you can use to add/remove group members.

twitter circle mobile app

I think it can be a useful way to discuss things in a closed group for your family, friends, etc., without sharing them with the rest of your followers.

Twitter Circle is available on the web and on the official mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can find more information about Twitter Circle on the official website support pages.

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Twitter Circle is now available to all users;  here's how to use it

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Twitter Circle is now available to all users; here’s how to use it

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Twitter Circle is now available to all users. Here’s how it works.




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