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The name “Ellen Page” erased from the most important platforms

It looks like Ellen Page’s name is quickly being erased from history — or at least from the top platforms, including IMDb, Wikipedia, and the Oscars.

In December 2020, the person formerly known as Ellen Page became Elliot Page and in the process became one of Hollywood’s most prominent transgender men. Now the story is rewritten to accommodate this new character.

As noted by the Daily Wire, a quick search for “Ellen Page” on will instead yield the name “Elliot Page” with a short explanation. “NOTE: Nomination originally submitted under the former name of Elliot Page. At the request of the nominee, following his announcement on December 1, 2020 that he is transgender, his name has been changed accordingly with the support of the awards committee and Academy events,” he said. .

What makes the ordeal confusing is that the name “Ellen Page” is still listed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences among the nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role for 2008. Things are more clear on IMDb, which seems to have completely erased Page’s old name. “Ellen” does not appear in the Hollywood star’s biography at all, even in the roles Page performed under the old name.

A similar observation can be made on the Wikipedia page of Page. Except for a quick note “formerly Ellen Page”, no further mention is made of Page’s former name.

Daily Wire podcaster Michael Knowles, who addressed the contradictions and confusion surrounding the name change, pointed out that for 33 of the 35 years of her life Page was called “Ellen” and that cannot be erased from the story. Knowles further stated that Page cannot expect the world to forget the name and start over.

He wondered what would happen if Page decided to go back to using female pronouns and go by Ellen again.

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