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The Halo franchise co-creator isn’t sure about the inspiration for the live-action series

Live action Halo The series has been the source of controversy since its debut. As the show’s first season wraps up, Marcus Lehto, one of the franchise’s co-creators, shared his thoughts.

The Halo The series has been in the works for nearly a decade. From the initial announcement by legendary director Steven Spielberg to its debut on Paramount+, it’s been an interesting live-action take on one of the most iconic first-person shooter series. However, the response hasn’t been as positive as the showrunners hoped.

Recently, in response to a tweet asking what he thought of the show, Marcus Lehto said he wasn’t sure about the show. inspiration, and it’s not the franchise he created. He clarified by stating that he doesn’t necessarily mean the show is terrible, but that he is somewhat confused by some of the creative choices that fall outside of the fundamental friction he helped create.

The Halo series leaves the franchise’s original co-creator baffled by his creative choices

From its debut as the original Xbox’s launch title, the Halo series has become one of the most influential first-person shooter series that paved the way for FPS titles on consoles. The futuristic space saga follows John 117, aka Master Chief, a Spartan-II soldier through the war with the alliance.

From the original trilogy to the recent Infinite, the series has expanded beyond video games to books, comics and, of course, live action.

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Live action Halo The series received mixed responses throughout its first season and remained a popular topic of conversation on social media, not always in a good light.

While fans praised the rare action scenes for their authenticity and the CGI for their high quality, they also tore down the series for some of its creative choices that blatantly ignore lore and Master Chief characteristics.

Marcus Lehto, who worked at Bungie for over a decade and a half (1996-2012), started out as a freelance graphic designer and moved on to creative director. He helped develop the Halo series before it was unveiled as an RTS title for Apple Mac and was part of the creative team throughout the original trilogy as well as ODST and Reach.

When a Twitter user asked what he thought of the series, he said:

“Yeah, I don’t know where the inspiration for the show came from now. Not the Halo that I created.

He then clarified that he doesn’t necessarily hate the show, as seen below:

@mexican_sunbro I didn’t say I hated the show. Some parts are interesting. Just confused by many choices that have been made that seem quite far removed from the core fiction that I helped create.

Marcus Lehto is currently Game Director at Electronic Arts and brings his creative work to the Battlefield franchise, which has come under heavy criticism recently.

His thoughts are quite similar to what most fans have said. Although the show draws inspiration from the series, it fails to properly translate the core lore and story. With the show coming to an end, it is unclear if it will be renewed for a second season.

Despite being one of the most iconic franchises of late, the series has been through some turmoil. Halo Infinite, the franchise’s latest iteration, has also been the subject of criticism.

The title’s core game mechanics are balanced and provide a satisfying physics-based arcade shooter experience. Combined with the free multiplayer option on PC and console, this is an unbeatable offer.

However, the game misses some of the series’ core game modes like Co-op Campaign and Forge, both slated for future releases, and fails to retain the larger player base of the live series title.

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