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The dark fall of the creator of “Minecraft”

What’s really cool is that other than the really nice grass, it looks like a mod for Big Platforms which replaces the titular platforms with a regular horse.

GameMill Edition

A horse independent of physics


cliff horse continued to do equivalent of $100 in dogecoin, a figure which, given the quality of the game, unfortunately certifies that it is yet another success. Now I’m pretty sure Notch could have done better if he had put more effort into it, but it’s kind of weird that this was the only thing he released after he finally got the freedom and the funds to do what he wanted in game development.

And before you get the weird idea that Notch is like the gaming equivalent of Crazy Town, that handsome 2000s nu-metal band that only had huge success because they took on a riff from one of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers songs, I gotta tell you, it’s actually worse. Cliffhorse was not the bottom for Notch. After the game’s odd tracking that looked and played like the other game, it pivoted to just spew racist and conspiratorial trash on Twitter.


Yes, it’s a pizza place.

In 2017, Microsoft decided it couldn’t take it anymore and severed all ties with Notch – yes, that’s the same Microsoft that would later try to take over Activision, the most vile company in video game history.

Top image: Microsoft

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