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The creator of Escola do Lince talks about choosing the CDPR

confirmation that New game in the series the magician Addressing Escola do Lince will surprise many fans. After all, unlike other schools such as Wolf, Cat, and Viper, Lynx does not exist in the official franchise canon, as it was the creation of fans of Geralt’s saga.

The creator of the new line of processors, identified as SMiki55, gave an interview to Eurogamer This Thursday (24) an explanation of the creative process. One of the aspects he mentioned was the surprise to see red cd project Take into account your fans to create the plot of the new title.

“we [os escritores de fanfiction] We don’t claim to have terms like “School of [inserir animal aqui]”And anyone is free to create their own witcher school, whatever our ideas – CD Projekt included.”

Lynx School of Art

The author also remarked that despite the thought of the emergence of the new school, it was created en masse by fans. Roots planted by Witcher190 [um usuário do wiki de The Witcher], who found a medal fan and created the “Escola do Lince” page which basically says, “This article can be edited for free by anyone. The medallion looked great and kind of inspired me to come up with a story for it.

SMiki55 explained that he decided to write the story of Lambert and Kira by creating Escola do Lince because it “burdens” the duo and therefore wanted to give them “things to do” after the release of the happy ending of Witcher 3.

As the franchise’s fan wiki points out, the school was born out of members of the Cat School who decided to band together to recover Dyn Marv’s caravan from the Nilfgaard soldiers. Additionally, Lambert created the band to honor his friend Aiden and honor his legacy.

So, what do you think of the new plot? the magician Be based on a fan-made story? Leave your comment below!

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