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Tehran Creator Moshe Zonder Talks About Tamar (Exclusive)

After a thrilling first season, Tehran is back for another run with our protagonist Tamar, the Mossad spy and hacker. Although the spy series was slow to gain momentum, Tehran is now considered one of the best spy series ever made.

In light of the second season premiere, which dropped on Apple+TV on May 6, 2022, questions have arisen in the minds of viewers regarding the series in general and Niv Sultan’s character in particular. With this in mind, Sneha Haldar of Sportskeeda is committed Tehran creator Moshe Zonder in a conversation about Tehran’s protagonist, the fast and brilliant Mossad hacker and spy agent Tamar.

The brief conversation with Mr. Zonder began with him saying that making his protagonist a woman was a political decision,

“It’s true that in most spy shows we see the protagonist as male, but it was a political decision by my co-writer Omri Shenhar and I to cast our protagonist as a young female.”

This revelation made Niv Sultan’s character even more intriguing. Mr. Zonder then talked about his protagonist, Tamar, and what inspired him to write his character.

Tehran creator Moshe Zonder talks about the relevance of a spy in his series

From James Bond to Ethan Hunt, the history of popular culture is loaded with depictions of male spies who win hearts with their charisma and bravery. We rarely hear about a spy who has managed to find her way around and find a place for herself in this very masculine environment. But every once in a while, a character like Tamar comes along and wins hearts with her sweetness and tenacity, and we wonder about the inspiration behind such an impressive figure.

In response to this question, Zonder opened up about the inspiration behind Tamar and the struggles behind writing such a feminist character in the socio-political climate of the Middle East:

“Milad wants them to have a normal life in Vancouver, and he imagined them having a family…and I think Tamar wants to want that, but I’m not sure she can have that kind of life.” -Niv Sultan on the complicated relations of a spy in #TehranTV

It was also much more interesting for us to write Tamar’s reactions and decisions, physically and emotionally, from a female perspective. In the second season, we pushed the female power even more and the show only gained. The new head of Mossad is a woman and the most important Mossad agent in Iran is a woman, played by the phenomenal actress Glenn Close. “

In his response, Moshe attempted to fill a gap that exists in the world of espionage. He also talked about the demands of a female spy for whom certain spaces are more accessible and who can operationalize her femininity to do her job. The viewers of the show will be linked to this by some incidents in the second season.

Tamar character arc from season 1 to season 2

An Israeli Mossad agent infiltrates Iran. But when his mission goes wrong, there is no way out. Watch the series premiere #TehranTV September 25 on Apple TV+

What was very striking in Tehran Season 2 was the progress Tamar had made since last season. She is now more capable and more confident. Commenting on how he developed the character of Tamar, Moshe said:

“Tamar Rabinyan’s character developed very dramatically from episode 1 of the first season, until the beginning of season 2. In fact, Tamar was much more than a hacker, even if she was the best in the west at cracking Iran’s cyber defense, then Mossad agent… And in a way, she was more of a teenager than a young woman.

Speaking more about Tamar, Moshe mentions how the young woman got caught up in what was meant to be a brief mission:

“Tamar was supposed to be in Tehran for only 24 hours. But then things got mixed up and she had to stay. she receives from Throughout the second season, she has a conflict all the time between her loyalty to her family and her loyalty to her country.

“The stakes are higher, the pacing is higher, there’s more action, there are more characters, and there’s more fun.” – Danny Syrkin, director of #TehranTV New episodes streaming now on Apple TV+

In this context, Tamar’s character arc becomes very important. We saw her grow from a young woman to a competent agent in the second season. Not only did she mature, but she also formed important relationships that revealed a lot about her progress. Elaborating more on this, Mr. Zonder says,

“Two months passed in the life of Tamar and Milad between the end of the first season and the start of the second season. Tamar and Milad are now lovers and both want to start a new life together in Vancouver, Canada, without needing their lives in the midst of the Israeli-Iranian conflict. But then Tamar feels she has to get involved in one last mission to rescue an Israeli pilot and from there it all comes together again.”

There is still more to discover about Moshe Zonder and his creation Tehran. Watch this space for more conversations from Mr. Zonder, who will further detail the context of Tehran and its political purpose amid the ongoing Iran-Israel crisis.

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