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Sushant’s sister Priyanka slams Wikipedia for changes to SSR’s page, calls it ‘propaganda’

The mystery surrounding Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has continued even a year after the actor’s unfortunate demise. While the investigation is still ongoing, Wikipedia, one of the popular websites visited by netizens, has called the late actor’s death a “suicide”. Her sister Priyanka Singh expressed her displeasure with the platform which apparently changed the cause of death for a time and called it “propaganda”.

Sushant’s sister unhappy with Wikipedia’s mention of cause of death

Priyanka posted two screenshots of Sushant Singh Rajput’s Wikipedia page. In one, at 10:52 p.m. on July 20, the cause of death was listed as “suicide by hanging (under investigation)” and in the other, about an hour later, at 11:48 p.m., the cause of death was again without the term “under investigation”.

Priyanka said making changes twice proved the platform was “compromised”. She didn’t mince words when she said she was “no longer a source of factual information” and that she had “lost her credibility”. “Say no to misinformation, say no to propaganda,” she added.

The development came after she asked Wikipedia two days before to change the cause of death and said the investigation was still ongoing. She also urged the platform to change her height to 183cm and even posted videos of her interview and photoshoot.

“Second, change Sushant’s height on the wiki page to 183cm as that may be a more reliable source than the person themselves. Hear it from Sushant’s mouth,” she wrote.

“I’m his sister and confirm that Sushant’s height is indeed 183cm. His height is crucial to the matrix of Sushant’s death case. Here’s a photo from Sushant’s @mariotestino photo shoot with @KendallJenner “, she wrote in another tweet.

The height was one of the points that were raised by his fans as a loophole in the events surrounding his death.

Sushant was found dead at his residence in Bandra, Mumbai on June 14 last year. On his first death anniversary, the CBI which is investigating the case had confirmed that the investigation from all angles was still ongoing.

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