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“She was on the right track”

Diamond Dallas Page knows all too well people who take a dark path. Sunny aka Tammy Sytch recently got into legal trouble after being arrested for a DUI incident. DDP weighed in on her last encounter with Sunny, and he painted a rather startling picture of how she was just four months ago.

The era in which DDP struggled saw a mix of toxic locker room culture, heavy behind-the-scenes politics and, notoriously, alcohol and drug addiction. Sunny (Tammy Sytch) was part of that era and apparently fell into the booze trap that ultimately derailed her life several times over the past few years. Unfortunately, his latest arrest was not his first, second or even third.

On the last episode of The Brothers Show, Vince Russo asked Diamond Dallas Page what he thought of Sunny’s situation. DDP revealed he met her about four months ago and said she sounds like she’s in a great place:

“I have [thought about Tammy Sytch]. I just saw her about four months ago. She came to me, she was superb. I had thought of her. She has been sober for long periods of time. She was on the right path. I don’t know what the trick is here, but I felt so bad. I saw her, God she was superb. We were somewhere in the North Jersey area and she spoke and looked great. I had thought about it when she was having a bad time. Let’s see where it goes. It was a really, really unfortunate situation.” (25:00-26:10)”

It’s heartbreaking how easy it is to relapse, and it’s caused a lot of destruction for Sunny.

Diamond Dallas Page has helped several superstars

The most famous case of Diamond Dallas Page helping another wrestler was documented in The Resurrection of Jake Roberts. It followed the emotional roller coaster when DDP took on the responsibility of helping a man who had once helped him overcome his personal demons.

DDP also played a role in helping the late great Scott Hall. The difference, however, in these situations was that they wanted to help themselves, which made the process slightly easier for the WWE Hall of Famer.

Regardless, there have been some polarizing reactions in the wrestling world over how to deal with Sunny, and DDP and Booker T have been two legends to express a more empathetic side towards her.

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