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Sexual assault allegations disappeared from Cori Bush Challenger’s Wikipedia page

By interception

Somewhere in the Missouri Office of Administration building, someone cleaned up a state senator’s Wikipedia page. Democrat Steven Roberts, who represents Missouri’s 5th Senate District, is a member of the Missouri Air National Guard, a commissioned U.S. Air Force officer, and the youngest black senator in state history. He was also accused by at least two women of sexual assault. But if you looked at his Wikipedia page in February, you might not have known that. An unidentified editor, logging in from an IP address in the Office of Administration building, repeatedly deleted the allegations from Roberts’ page.

Roberts – who reportedly pondered a main challenge against Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo. — was first elected to the state House of Representatives in November 2016. In September, Cora Faith Walker, another Democratic candidate for the State House, wrote a letter to Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson, in which she accused Roberts of raping her. She told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the couple met for drinks at a St. Louis apartment several weeks after winning their respective primary elections, and Walker woke up there the next morning, not remembering nothing after his second glass of wine. In the letter to Richardson, Walker said she reported the incident to the police. After an investigation based on Walker’s police report, a special prosecutor declined to charge Roberts, saying “there simply wasn’t enough credible evidence that the sexual relationship between these two people was anything but consensual. “.

Roberts, who denied Walker’s allegation, filed a civil suit against her for defamation before the election, but later dropped the case. On March 11, 2022, Walker died at age 37. The cause of his death has not been reported. Reached by The Intercept, Walker’s family declined to comment and a spokesperson said they would not answer questions related to the allegation.

“I specifically authorize you to name me and let people know about this letter,” Walker wrote in her 2016 letter to Richardson. “As you know, I am not the first woman to accuse Mr. Roberts of sexual assault.”

In April 2015, a law student accused Roberts, then an assistant prosecutor with the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office, of…

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