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Sandman creator Neil Gaiman hails HBO’s decision to renew House of The Dragon for season 2

game of thrones prequel Dragon House is finally here! The show’s first episode aired earlier this week, and it’s every bit as dark, powerful, visceral, disturbing and breathtaking to watch, just as George RR Martin prophesied. The premiere had several heartbreaking, emotional, visually aesthetic and gory sequences over its one hour and six minute runtime, and was very well received by American and British audiences. As soon as the news broke that House of The Dragon was renewed for a second season, the internet erupted.

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The sand man Creator Neil Gaiman recently took to Twitter to congratulate the House of The Dragon team, while also awaiting a renewal for his own show. He wrote: “I’m thrilled for House of the Dragon. Obviously, @Netflix has its own methods for deciding whether or not they’ll renew, and those apparently involve thirty full days of viewership numbers. (21 days later and we’re still at number 1. So fingers crossed.)”

Creator of Game of Thrones George RR Martin and Gaiman have been mutual admirers of each other’s work for a very long time. A few weeks ago, when Martin was down with covid after SDCC 2022, he was sent early copies of The Sandman to watch. Martin highly recommended the series to his fans.

The Sandman has been Netflix’s top show for 21 days now. Do you think it will get a second season like House of The Dragon? Tell us in the comments below!

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