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Salad Fingers creator David Firth deleted from Wikipedia after being deemed ‘not remarkable enough’

David Firth, voice actor and creator of Salad Fingers, has been removed from Wikipedia after being deemed “not remarkable enough”.

If the name Salad Fingers doesn’t ring a bell, you need to hop on YouTube right now and check out one of the scariest and most influential YouTube series in the site’s history. The short’s creator, David Firth, also voices the title character and has appeared in voice acting roles for games like GTA 5, as well as directing music videos, created two feature films, and released music via established labels.

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Despite the massive success of Salad Fingers and a series of other notable works, Wikipedia deemed David Firth “not remarkable enough” and removed his page from the site. Search David Firth on the site right now will ask the site to try to link you to a British actor and statistician, with the link to David Firth no longer appearing and instead directing you to the Salad Fingers page.


The news was shared by David Firth himself, who posted an impassioned rant on the subject on his Twitter accountsaying, “Hey Wikipedia, I’ve been erased from your pages. Considered not remarkable enough. Although he created one of the most popular web animations of all time, made music videos for famous artists , acting in hit TV series and games like GTA V, releasing music on an established label, 2 feature films and a lot of TV work all while focusing 99% on my own creative field, never thinking that the notoriety came from the media companies I had worked for.”

Firth continued, “I’m just one example of a much larger problem of grassroots indie creators dismissing the idea that success is how many big companies you’ve worked for, being ignored. due to existing (by choice) mostly outside of this Because one of your specific guidelines for notoriety is that popularity and numbers are irrelevant if there are no articles from “established sources” documenting the trip, which essentially means the impact you had on yourself is out of the question.”

Firth continued to tweet about the subject, saying it affected his livelihood because Wikipedia is linked to Google results, which he says is the main way his work is searched for and that the loss of this page makes him harder as a freelance artist. As of this writing, Wikipedia has not reposted the page or commented on the situation.

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