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‘Promised Land’ creator assures fans show is NOT canceled when moving to Hulu

Matt Lopezthe creator of the new ABC series Promised landassures fans that the show has not been canceled amid the impending move to Hulu.

Tonight’s new episode, which is the fifth episode of the season, will be the last to air on ABC as the network pulled the show from its schedule.

The remaining five episodes of the first season will air Tuesdays on Hulu, and there’s still a chance the show will get a second season.

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In an Instagram comment shared by the actor John Ortiz, Mast explained what happens in the show.

“Hi everyone! This is Matt Lopez – I’m the creator and showrunner of Promised Land. It’s so gratifying to hear all of this love and passion for the show. ‘entire cast and crew! Please know that your voices are heard and we are NOT cancelled,” he said. “After this Monday’s episode – which I have to say is EPIC – we’re moving to Hulu. If you, like us, think representation is important, keep watching, keep spreading the good word, and let’s make Season 2 happen! With a lot of orgullo and a lot of armor. Mr.”

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