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Prankster savagely edits Kentucky Wikipedia page after loss to St. Pierre

A prankster has shrunk the Kentucky basketball giant to his size on Wikipedia after the No. 2 seeded Wildcats lost to 15th seeded Saint Peter’s in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday. (Watch below.)

After the Peacocks stunned heavily favored Kentucky in overtime, 85-79, an amended paragraph appeared on the Kentucky basketball program page declaring Saint Peter’s the most successful college hoops power of all time. .

The rogue parenthesis was quickly removed, but it had already had its effect.

“The Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team is an American college basketball team representing the University of Kentucky. Kentucky is the most successful NCAA Division I basketball program in history (excluding St Peters) in terms of all-time wins (2,327) and winning percentage of all time (0.765),” the page read. HuffPost captured a screenshot:

The slightly doctored Kentucky Wildcats Wikipedia page. (Photo: HuffPost/Ron Dicker)

Saint Peter’s, a school in Jersey City, New Jersey, of about 2,000 undergraduates, had never won an NCAA tournament game. What a way to get a first victory, even if Wikipedia wouldn’t recognize the proud Peacocks as the greatest of all time.

Not that the faithful care. Watch the students of Saint-Pierre burst into unbridled joy. March Madness indeed.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.


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