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Official E Mids Labor page still full of Corbyn and McDonnell – and banned from local party Twitter – SKWAWKBOX

Labor law does not even have jurisdiction in its favor

The Labor right’s claim to jurisdiction has again been exposed as a fraud by the East Midlands Labor website, which is still full of former leader Jeremy Corbyn and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell. The region, considered one of the hotbeds of the Labor hard right in terms of party structures, has not updated its ‘about’ page for more than two years since Keir Starmer took over:

The East Midlands Labor Today page

Many of the images on the area’s main homepage also date from the Corbyn era, showing people holding ‘For the Many’ signs the party used when Labor was still standing for something meaningful. Apparently nothing is frequented by enough people under Keir Starmer to be viable to use as a homepage image.

Meanwhile, the party is still blocked on one of the Regions Constituency Party (CLP) Twitter accounts. To the Labor right’s undoubted frustration, the Mansfield Labor thread hasn’t been updated in years and still highlights not just Corbyn, but Chris Williamson – another one of the people the right loves to hate:

The incompetence and bankruptcy of the right have also been highlighted in a more concrete way. According to locals, the right-wing-dominated party machine coddled then-Labour Ashfield councilor Lee Anderson until he was finally suspended after a racist storm – and legally sanctioned – for throwing rocks in order to prevent Gypsy Travelers from using a campsite. Anderson, who worked as an office manager for right-wing Labor MP (at the time) Gloria de Piero, later defected to the Conservatives and now sits as the region’s Conservative MP.

Anderson has since been reprimanded by Tories for an ‘extremist’ rant of ‘hate speech’ against travelers and said he refuses to watch football games in England because he doesn’t like the players ‘ take a knee” against racism and in solidarity with black people. Lives Matter movement.

Anderson also had to undergo anti-Semitism training after signing a letter that used anti-Semitic slander, but was nonetheless recently part of a “Conservative Friends of Israel” trip to Jerusalem.

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