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Neymar hits back at Fabio Aurelio for saying he was underperforming – Thick Accent

Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar has recently been embroiled in controversy after being slammed by fellow Brazilian, Fabio Aurelio.

Speaking to Goal, the former Liverpool defender said: “I always say I would be very disappointed if I was him. With the ambitions he has, and for the quality and talent he has, the fact that he never won a Ballon d’Or feels bad. He has all the conditions to do it, but I don’t know what happened. Maybe some things are more important to him. him than the game, I don’t know?

His comments prompted Neymar to react, and he did so via an Instagram story.

Aurelio’s suggestions that Neymar has ‘underperformed’ in his career clearly angered the Brazilian, who responded by sharing an image of his achievements and honors listed on Wikipedia with the caption: ‘I’m really disappointed, and I I haven’t even put it all on yet”.

He also shared a taped story, in which he said,

“A five-minute interview and all he did was talk about other people’s lives. If you want to criticize, criticize. But talking shit like that is not possible.

With scathing remarks being exchanged, it doesn’t seem like this is the end of the saga. A replica of Aurelio could certainly make matters even worse.

His early opinions that the Brazilian has ‘underperformed’ in his career didn’t fly well online among the fans. Neymar’s impressive CV includes a Champions League triumph, multiple La Liga and Ligue 1 titles and a host of individual accolades. He also won the coveted Puskas award in 2011, for his superb solo effort during his spell at Santos. This list of honors certainly doesn’t paint an image of “underachievement” and would be the envy of many professional gamers.

While Neymar has always been considered a Ballon d’Or level talent, even if he doesn’t win the Ballon d’Or, calling him a case of wasted potential is tough.

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