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Ms. Marvel Creator Reveals Why Lead Star Iman Vellani Is Perfectly Cast

Ms. Marvel is set to feature Iman Vellani’s MCU debut as the titular hero, marking the newcomer’s first acting role. Before being cast as Kamala Khan, it was revealed that Vellani was part of the Next Wave committee at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival “who was tasked with adding a special tag to movies” this “would resonate with their peers,” which means that the actress is already making an effort to “help diversify the industry.”

A good part of Ms. MarvelVellani’s promotional push was mostly focused on Vellani’s love of the Marvel Universe, with its first teaser actually showing the actress’ reaction to being cast in the role. Additionally, the MCU newcomer also released a homemade short starring Ms. Marvel and Iron Man, and it was complete with a tribute to Robert Downey Jr.


Right off the bat, it’s clear that Vellani is passionate about all things Marvel, and a new interview with comic book creator Kamala Khan may have reinforced that assertion.

Iman Vellani’s Highly Anticipated MCU Debut


Kamala Khan creator Sana Amanat spoke with Empire to talk about Iman Vellani’s upcoming debut in the MCU as a live-action iteration of the character.

Amanat revealed to Empire that Vellani is a perfect fit for the character right from her Zoom audition, explaining how the young actress kicked off a tour of her room filled with Avengers merchandise:


“She showed me every corner of her room, and it was covered in Avengers. Then she said, ‘Oh wait, I’m not done,’ opened her closet, and there was more Marvel everywhere. “

The Marvel creator went on to point out that Vellani’s dizzying energy and teenage enthusiasm are ideal for a character like Kamala Khan who “is not your traditional Avenger:”

“She’s not as slick and suave as some superheroes. It’s not like when Captain America throws his shield away and he comes back. She’s everywhere. I’m glad people are getting to know her.

Amanat also revealed that Vellani compares Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige to “his Carol Danvers:”

“She gave me a list of comments on every Marvel movie. Kevin Feige is like her Carol Danvers.

Along with the reveal, Empire also released a brand new Ms. Marvel photo, featuring Matt Lintz’s Kamala and Bruno Carrelli at AvengerCon:


Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, Matt Lintz as Bruno Carrelli, Ms. Marvel

Iman Vellani and his love for the MCU

Based on Sana Amanat’s comments, it’s safe to say that Iman Vellani is the right actress for the live-action version of Kamala Khan, and that’s essentially getting more hype for her debut in Ms. Marvel on Disney+. Considering the show is the young MCU newcomer’s acting debut, the praise she’s receiving combined with the show’s early positive reception is a positive sign.

Vellani’s passion for the MCU is also a plus as it portrays a similar personality to Kamala Khan, given that the character is a huge fan of the Avengers in the comics. It’s safe to assume the actress had no trouble showing Carol Danvers her fangirl vibe during filming.


Vellani’s knowledge of the MCU at large should also prove invaluable behind the scenes, as she’s more up-to-date with the events of the franchise in-universe. This comes after several Marvel stars, such as Sebastian Stan, admitted to being confused about the growth of the MCU.

Having an actress like Vellani who knows all aspects of the franchise creates a smooth transition when it comes to spoilers and Easter eggs that might come in handy in future projects. It’s also a chance for Vellani to solidify her bond with her Marvel co-stars.

The first episode of Ms. Marvel is set to premiere on Disney+ on June 8.


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