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Ms. Marvel Co-Creator Breaks Silence On ‘Highly Controversial’ New MCU Powers

Now that moon knight completed its six-episode run and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premiered in cinemas around the world, all eyes are on the MCU’s next exciting project: Ms. Marvel. The upcoming Disney+ series will focus on another newcomer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan, chronicling her journey as a promising young superhero.

Since the release of its first trailer, Ms. Marvel has been marred by online criticism directed at Kamala’s power. Rather than adopting the original comic’s Mr. Fantastic-esque stretch abilities, the Disney+ series controversially took the young hero’s powers in a new direction by giving him light-based abilities.


Many have expressed concerns about the change, with fans saying the decision undermines Kamala’s emotional arc from her comic book origin. MCU chief Kevin Feige weighed in on the matter, saying the change was to bring the character in line with the continuity established by Marvel Studios.

Now, the Ms. Marvel character co-creator has spoken out about the controversial change.

Ms. Marvel Co-Creator Responds To Power Shift


In an interview with Weekly entertainment, Ms. Marvel Executive producer and co-creator of the comic book character of the same name Sana Amanat addressed fan response to Kamala Khan’s new superpowers on the MCU show.


Amanat said the decision to change Ms. Marvel’s powers to be based on light builds was to align her more with her future outings in projects like Wondersa sentiment previously mentioned by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige:

“Obviously a lot of the show is an adaptation, and we thought it was important to make sure his powers were tied into larger stories in the Marvel Universe. We wanted to make sure that there was a bit more story to tell after this series. Obviously, she goes into Wonders.”

Ms. Marvel Powers
marvel studios

The producer acknowledged fans’ concerns about the change, but assured wary viewers that the setting was “the right decision” speaking as someone who has been with the character since inception:

“The powers look different, which is very controversial. I know people are like, ‘How dare you change the powers!’ I know people are upset about this, but as someone who’s probably been one of the closest people to this character from the start, and also having spoken to Willow about this, I think Willow and I We always thought it made sense. The right decision because there are bigger stories to tell.”

Amanat also mentioned how Kamala’s new powers will still carry the same DNA as those on the graphic page while being able to achieve abilities that “feel big in scope and cinematic in a different way:”


“It’s really fun to give Kamala different kinds of powers that feel big and cinematic in a different way. We can do a lot of fun things with her. I don’t want to spoil too much how she uses her powers, but they’re fun and bouncy. At the same time, the essence of what powers are in the comics is there, both metaphorically and visually. We do the enlarged fist We do the elements that make her feel and look a little crazy, but also really cool. I think it’s going to be familiar to people, but at the same time different in a fresh and unique way.

The Ms. Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Will this change pay off for the MCU?

Disney+ Ms. Marvel Powers
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Ms. Marvel’s updated powers have proven to be divisive for fans, but these new comments from the character’s co-creator should hopefully allay some fan concerns. Considering Amanat’s close connection to the source material and his new comments on the matter, it seems the decision wasn’t taken lightly, and Kamala’s story will always respect the comic book stories that fans love it, even though they’re told slightly differently.

A similar situation occurred with moon knight, where the Disney+ show was criticized ahead of its release for not addressing Marc Spector’s Jewish heritage. Luckily for fans, Oscar Isaac’s solo series eventually included that part of Marc’s backstory, so it’s likely that aspects of Kamala’s original arc in the comics, like his insecurities, struggles to grow and his identity will always be preserved for the MCU adaptation while ensuring the continuity of the franchise for projects such as Wonders.


Fans will be able to definitely rate Ms. Marvelnew powers when the Disney+ series hits the service on June 8.

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