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Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Ed Boon Responds To His AIAS Hall Of Fame Induction With A Heartfelt Message

For over 30 years now, Ed Boon has been pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry with numerous accolades and awards under his belt already celebrating his works, and now he can add an even more prestigious title to his wall.

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences recently announced that the Mortal Kombat co-creator would be inducted as their 25th Hall of Famer at the upcoming DICE Awards, and Boon finally responded to the news with a quick heartfelt message to everyone. .

“I had already been warned and had time to process and appreciate this announcement,” wrote boo on twitter today. “But I was NOT prepared for the response to the news by the players and my business colleagues. A big THANK YOU to AIAS and all the kind words of support that followed. They did not go unnoticed.”

Long before the founding of NetherRealm Studios, Boon began his career at Williams Electronics working on pinball machines in the late 80’s before changing paths to video games with the first title he worked on in 1990 with High Impact Soccer.

A few years later, he had become something of a rock star in the industry with Mortal Kombat exploding onto the arcade scene, which would illuminate his trajectory to where he is today.

He not only served as a designer and programmer on the first MK, but Boon also provided the original voice of Scorpion, Reptile, Shang Tsung and other characters throughout the series – that of course gave us all the iconic “Get over here” line.

After 20 years with Midway Games, the company collapsed in 2010 and spawned NetherRealm Studios to continue Mortal Kombat under Warner Bros. umbrella with Boon serving as the developer’s creative director.

He remained active in his roles leading the NRS teams for 3 more Mortal Kombat entries as well as the first 2 Injustice fighting games, which helped push the genre’s story modes to new heights.

Ed Boons joins the Hall of Fame alongside some of the most important and influential creators in video game history with previous inductees such as Hideo Kojima, Tim Sweeney, Todd Howard, Dan Houser and Sam Houser.

He is expected to officially receive the HoF induction at the 25th Annual DICE Awards February 22-24.

Everyone at EventHubs sends kudos to Ed Boon for being a consistent driving force behind fighting games as they have continued to evolve over the past three decades.

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