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Molly-Mae wiki page targeted as podcast controversy erupts

Molly-Mae’s Wikipedia page in The Hague was rewritten as anger grew over comments she made about her success in a recent interview.

The reality TV star and influencer has been compared to Margaret Thatcher for remarks she made that “if you want something that’s enough you can get it” and we all have “the same 24 hours a day. day”.

Her remarks made on The Diary Of A CEO podcast in December infuriated some listeners, and while Molly’s reps claimed she was talking about time management, her comments were described by others as “deaf.”

Molly-Mae’s Wikipedia page in The Hague was rewritten as anger grew over comments she made about her success in a recent interview. Photo: YouTube / Molly-Mae Hague

The Love Island star has been ridiculed as “Thatcher with a tan” while others have edited her Wikipedia page to change her name to “Molly-Mae Thatcher”.

In a mocking reference to the interview, she said she was famous “for working harder than anyone less successful than her.”

And Changes claimed his comments on the podcast “showed a muffled insolence and a heinous sense of ignorance,” noting “that there is unprecedented use of food banks and an electricity / gas crisis.” .

Molly Mae Wiki Page
Molly-Mae Wiki Page: The page has since been restored and most edits have been removed

The edited page noted Molly and Tommy’s heist last year, in which the couple had designer jewelry and belongings stolen.

The Wiki entry read: ‘Thatcher and Fury were robbed and had £ 800,000 in assets stolen, she must have worked really hard for those goods’, before, in another edit, the page incorrectly stated: “Thatcher announced his support for the British National Party,” which is a far-right fascist political party.

Molly Mae Lip Fillers / Molly-Mae Wiki Page
One of the montages referred to the robbery of Molly and Tommy’s home Photo: Tommy Fury / Instagram

Many changes have since been removed, but the criticism of the podcast remains.

A statement from Molly’s reps read, “Molly did a podcast interview in December about her own rise to success. If you listen to the entire conversation and interview, Molly was asked about the nature of her. growth potential and how she believes in herself This part of the interview was about time efficiency related to success.

‘Molly refers to a quote that says “We all have the same 24 hours a day as Beyoncé”. She was speaking from her own experience and how it can resonate with this specific quote.

Molly Mae Wiki Page
Molly-Mae Wiki Page: Molly’s reps released a detailed statement clarifying her remarks Photo: Molly-Mae Hague / Instagram

“Her take on the fact that if you want something that is enough that you can work hard to achieve it is how she stays determined with her own job to get more done in her own life. Molly doesn’t comment on someone else’s life or personal situation, she can only speak from her own experience.

“She recognizes that everyone is brought up in different ways and coming from different backgrounds, but her comments here refer to the timing, hard work and determination in their own lives. If you listen to this interview you can see that the whole conversation was about her own personal situation, how she grew up and this little snippet of the conversation was about a quote that inspires her.

“Social media users shared a short snippet of this interview with words like ‘if you’re homeless buy a house’ and ‘if you’re poor be poor.’ These are definitely not Molly’s words, these are not Molly’s thoughts and that is not the meaning or the thought behind this conversation at all.

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