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Minecraft: How to Barter with a Piglin

Piglins are resident NPCs of the Netherrealm in Minecraft able to interact with players through a mechanism known as Bartering. Similar to doing business with villagers, adventurers can trade with these underworld hogs to acquire common and rare items. However, two details to keep in mind are that Minecraft Piglins only trade with gold bars and present items from a random item pool of set offers. In other words, there is no guarantee that players will receive rare ender pearls or a simple string in exchange for their gold bar. Keep reading to learn more about bartering with the native pig humanoids of the Nether.

Barter with Piglins in Minecraft

Barter with Piglins in Minecraft

As mentioned above, Piglins only accepts gold bullion as currency for to barter Minecraft. Gold bars are mainly acquired by smelting gold ore, a rare mineral that usually spawns in every biome, from elevation levels Y:-64 to Y:32. Additionally, it should be noted that players must wear a piece of golden armor to appease Piglin’s hostility.


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While Netherworld Gunpigs are a neutral mob, they don’t take kindly to intruders on their territory. Therefore, it is crucial that adventurers don golden gear before attempting to barter with Piglins in Minecraft. Through the diligent efforts of Eyecraft™ YouTube Content Creator, players can see a great visual demonstration of the items that can be obtained by trading with Piglins. Below is an index of each item, its potential quantity, and the percentage chance of being the target item when traded. These rates are provided by the WikiMinecraft community.

Chance of business success Article
  • Enchanted book with a random level of the Soul Speed ​​enchantment (1)
  • Iron Boots with a random level of the Soul Speed ​​enchantment (1)
  • Splash Potion of Fire Resistance (1)
  • Fire Resistance Potion (1)
  • Gourd (1)
  • Iron Nuggets (10 – 36)
  • Ender Pearls (2 – 4)
  • Rope (3 – 9)
  • Nether Quartz (5 – 12)
  • Obsidian (1)
  • Crying Obsidian (1 – 3)
  • Fire Charge (1)
  • Leather (2 – 4)
  • Soul Sand (2 – 8)
  • Void Brick (2 – 8)
  • Spectral Arrow (6 – 12)
    • This trade will be replaced by Arrows in Bedrock Edition.
  • Gravel (8 – 16)
  • Black Stone (8 – 16)

As players can see from the table above, the chances of receiving a valuable item when bartering with Piglins in Minecraft are quite thin. Nonetheless, those who have a surplus of gold or enjoy the RNG mechanics of trading with these NPCs will no doubt find pleasure in doing business with the Nether Pigs.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

Source: Eyecraft™ | WikiMinecraft

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