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Meet Youtuber Ethan Schulteis: creator from Wisconsin with over a million subscribers

In 2016, a stone’s throw from Milwaukee, Ethan Schulteis—Then a 14-year-old college student from central Wisconsin — made a life-changing decision. It was then that the YouTuber, who surpassed one million subscribers and over 200 million views in August 2021 (and obtained the platform’s famous Gold Play Button), created his channel “Amagi. “

The channel quickly rose to fame. Now 19, Schulteis admits he could never have imagined the impact he would have as a designer. He owes it all to an elementary school chimera, born out of his love for the series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” (A: TLA).

From avatar lover to YouTuber

Around 2010, at the height of Generation Z’s “Avatar fever”, Schulteis was spending every free moment watching the series. “I was the kid who watched the DVD backstage on repeat, he admits in a video highlighting the origin story of his channel.

Schulteis changed his career path by telling parents Tim and Shelly Schulteis that rather than a firefighter, he hoped to become a host. It wasn’t long before the budding creator developed the concept for his own show, pitching Nickelodeon at the age of 12.

Although he received no response, Schulteis continued to lead the way. He convinces his parents to enroll him in an online animation course, and a few months later, he puts his ideas into practice. He posted the first episode of his new series “The Amagi”, created a channel under the same name, and although he has since privatized that first video, it was only the beginning for Schulteis. From there, the creator experimented with top 10 videos, news clips, and interviews before he found his place in 2019.

Covering anime and fictional worlds history

Schulteis has partnered with the largest A: TLA site on the Internet, Avatar Wiki, and has worked with chains he loves ever since. In May 2019, Schulteis decided to explore a new video format — covering fictional stories for its viewers, starting with the viral video “The history of lava mastery. “

The success of this video has exceeded what the creator could have imagined, leading Schulteis to dive head first into this format, creating over 150 videos on the A: TLA franchise over the next few months. The Amagi surpassed 100,000 subscribers in June 2020, amassing over a million just over a year later.

You could say that Schulteis’ success lies in the courage to pivot. In late 2020, the creator noticed that fans were losing interest in A: TLA content, so he started experimenting with content from the “Naruto” franchise as well. From there he moved on to different anime franchises, hiring voice actors from channels like “Enter the robot” and “ChannelFrederator”—Which resulted in a new spike in growth.

Schulteis also completed a channel rebranding in 2021, creating a new logo, channel artwork, video graphics, and more. His chain “Amagi 2“covers the lives of live fictional characters rather than animated characters, while the”Ethan Schulteis“The channel features vlogs from the life of the creator.

A Wisconsinite to be reckoned with

Schulteis listens to his audience. It investigates what they want, makes adjustments when necessary, and continually goes through a process of trial and error to deliver-Everytime.

It’s no wonder that the YouTube Social Blade analytics platform projects well over 5.5 million subscribers to “The Amagi” by October 2026. After hitting the million mark in a short time and receiving one of YouTube’s most coveted Creator Awards before having 20 years, the future looks remarkably bright.

Of course, only time will tell what’s next for the creator, but Schulteis is grateful to everyone who made his trajectory possible.

To follow Ethan Schulteis on Instagram or subscribe to “The Amagi” on YouTube.

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