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Matt Smith on how his aura looked different each time he wore Daemon’s wig

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor Matt Smith talked about how he disappeared while playing Demon Targaryen in Dragon House. Smith’s performance in the game of thrones prequel has been praised by fans and critics alike, calling him one of the new series’ most intriguing characters. It’s clear he put a lot of thought and effort into the character, and it paid off in the end.

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That’s what the House of the Dragon actor replied when asked about his aura after wearing the wig and how it works:

“Well, I had wonderful moments of true focus and engagement with [Rhaenyra Targaryen actor] Emma D’Arcy and with Paddy where we would be totally locked into each other’s energies for the day. We could still laugh a little or whatever, but when the camera was rolling, the focus was on it. Yeah, it was very real. I wouldn’t call it a “method” — it’s so hard to do in 10 months. But this process comes and goes if the other actor is up to it.

Finally, when the actor was asked about his recovery after injuring himself on the set of House of The Dragon. He replied that:

“I’m actually waiting to go to the physio now after this to do some work on it. But, you know, it’s all part of the process, on some level.

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