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Lost Ark: How to Get the Song of Eternity

To unlock the Song of Eternity in Lost Ark, Adventurers must reach Rohendel and complete a specific percentage of the region’s Adventurer’s Tome.

The Song of Eternity is a song of sheet music in lost ark used to increase relationships with certain NPCs and reveal hidden collectibles, such as some Mokoko Seeds in Rohendel’s capital, Rothun. The method of acquiring the Song of Eternity is simple and straightforward, but the effort required to unlock it is not. Specifically, players must complete 60% of lost ark Adventurer’s Tome in Rohendel to receive the Song of Eternity as a reward.

Rohendel is an endgame region in Lost Ark that becomes available once players reach item level 460. the main story up to this point. Additionally, there are two quest prerequisites that must be met before players can sail to the continent. First, lost ark fans need to finish”A new journey“, a guided quest given by Queen Ealyn in North Vern. Completing this mission will unlock another guided quest called “Procyon Wall“, which tasks players with upgrading their ship to level 2. Once upgrades are finalized, adventurers can manually sail to Rohendel to gain access to the region.


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Like all regional adventurer tomes of lost ark, progress in Rohendel is made by completing main quests, gathering collectibles, cooking various recipes, and much more. Additionally, tasks such as questing, increasing relationships, or clearing dungeons will likely be completed as players progress and explore the region. Therefore, the best way to reach the 60% mark to unlock the Song of Eternity is to prioritize secondary content in each area. This content includes hunting monsters or bosses or discovering hidden Vistas and Stories.

Unlock the Song of Eternity in Lost Ark

Song Of Eternity Unlock Guide For Lost Ark

lost ark fans are recommended not to worry about acquiescence aspects such as farming for collectibles, as they will be obtained organically during combat. Instead, focus on finding fixed but missing Adventurer’s Tome entries, like Vista locations in lost ark. While it may be helpful to list all viewpoint or hidden story locations, players are advised to use standard online tools such as interactive maps or wiki pages to research and document their progress.

Nonetheless, one part of the Adventurer’s Tomes of Rohendel and other regions that players may consider neglecting is cooking. Cooking can complete a significant percentage of tome completion if players take a long time to finish it. Additionally, unique foods players create can have in-game value. For example, the Sweet Honey Butter Beer can be used to access a secret area in Rothun to collect a hidden Mokoko Seed. After players have progressed through Rohendel’s content normally and prioritized Views, Hidden Stories, and Cooking, they will be able to unlock the Song of Eternity score in lost ark in no time.

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lost ark is available on PC via Steam.

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