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Liz Truss Wiki Page Completely Hacked Immediately After Becoming Tory Leader

Liz Truss has won the race to become the UK’s new Prime Minister after beating Rishi Sunak – and people have already had fun at her expense.

The new prime minister’s Wikipedia page was hacked moments after she became leader of the Tories.

When the news broke, the image used on Truss’ Wiki page instantly changed with images of everyone from Jimmy Savile to Mo de EastEnders used for his new headshot.

Lauren Harries and Kim Woodbury also had some unexpected experiences on the page as people had fun online on Monday afternoon.

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Not over there, people also changed the politician’s name to “Sussy Trussy” as the changes came in droves and fast.

Not the beginning that Truss had in mindWikipedia

Jimmy Savile was one of the people whose photo appeared on the pageWikipedia

It’s not the debut Truss would have had in mind, but there’s no denying the fact that she’s set to become the next Prime Minister.

Truss has pledged to “deliver” to Downing Street following the announcement made earlier today.

She promised she would ‘respond to the energy crisis, dealing with people’s energy bills but also dealing with the long-term issues we have on energy supply’ as well as the challenges facing the NHS .

Truss also hinted at ruling out a snap general election, saying she would deliver “a big win” for her party in 2024.

Truss should be the next PMChris J. Ratcliffe/Getty Images

In her speech, she thanked Conservative voters “for trusting me to lead our great Conservative Party, the greatest political party in the world.

“I know our beliefs resonate with the British people: our beliefs in freedom, in the ability to control one’s own life, in low taxes, in personal responsibility.

“I know that’s why people voted for us in such numbers in 2019 and as leader of your party, I intend to deliver what we promised to those voters across our great country. .”

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