skip to Main Content redirects to Justin Trudeau’s Wikipedia page – who owns it and why is it Elon Musk? redirects to Justin Trudeau’s Wikipedia page, and its owner remains a mystery – but plenty of details point to the page’s owner being none other than Technoking and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the most powerful meme lord in the world. world.

The discovery was made after a donation of $42,069 to Freedom Convoy, under the name “”. shows that the domain name has been registered since February 2000 and has been updated to redirect to Trudeau’s Wikipedia of January 30, 2022. Registrant details have been hidden by PrivacyDotLink, which only dates back a mailing address in Grand Cayman.

While it’s hard to say with 100% certainty who actually owns the estate, all signs point to Elon Musk — or at least someone with deep pockets and enough money to spend — having registered the domain.

Musk has been a strong supporter of the trucking convoy in Canada, expressing his support for the movement on social media several times. The billionaire even mocked the Trudeau government for being the “marginal minority” that Justin Trudeau accuses of being the truckers and their supporters, and slammed a Washington Post cartoonist for portraying them as “fascists.”

Additionally, the number “42069,” which is the amount of money donated by the mysterious donor, are numbers that Musk often jokes about. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for most internet users – 420 and 69 (nice!) being meme numbers and all, but few have the deep pockets that Musk has to spend money on a cause and not even ask credit.

Unless Musk comes clean and admits he was behind the donation and owns, an undoubtedly expensive domain to buy in the first place, we’ll never have full confirmation. Until then, we can only speculate.

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