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The group behind the site were tired of the Prime Minister’s ‘lies’

The webpage now redirects visitors to Boris Johnson’s Wikipedia page amid growing pressure on the Prime Minister to ‘tell the truth’ about the ongoing government ‘partygate’ scandal .

The Prime Minister has denied claims he partied during lockdown – despite a series of leaks suggesting otherwise.

During Prime Minister’s Questions last Wednesday, after a host of incontrovertible evidence, he was forced to apologize for attending one of the meetings – but claimed he believed the May 2020 meeting was a “work event”.

The website began redirecting to Johnson’s Wikipedia page over the weekend after facing new allegations of breaching covid restrictions and increased pressure to quit.

Mark Rofe, 32, from Surrey, traced the website’s redirection to Twitter, where a few people chipped in to cover the cost of the website’s domain.

He said: “I originally wanted to register and set up a website with all the lies our Prime Minister has told, but the domain was already taken, and I realized that listing all the Boris’ lies could end up becoming a full-time job.

“But I saw the domain was available to rent for £299 a month…so I shared the idea on Twitter and got a few people together to share the cost and redirected him to his Wikipedia page.”

Rofe, who originally bought the domain hoping to document an ongoing list of ‘Boris lies’, hopes the redirect will make a ‘serious point’ about the Tory leader ‘in a humorous way’.

Angharad Planells, head of business development and culture at Radioactive, made a donation to fund the domain in a bid to draw attention to the need for “transparency and openness” in government.

He said: “To me, that’s the volume of proven lies that Boris Johnson and this government have been allowed to tell. The liars are always uncovered, and the receipts are there – lying to the Queen, evidence from multiple parties, the VIP route to PPE contracts was illegal, Wallpapergate, the list goes on.

“Without trust you cannot hope to lead, and Boris Johnson has shown time and time again that he should not be trusted. When someone shows you who they are, believe them”

Rofe hopes to keep domain forwarding until the end of Boris Johnson’s term as Prime Minister.

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