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Julius Francis Wikipedia page changed after Boxpark punch

Former British heavyweight champion Julius Francis has updated his Wikipedia page with hilarious results.

This follows the exchange he had while working as a security guard at BOXPARK Wembley, where he knocked a man unconscious.

The clip has gone viral on social media and the aggressive punter may be hoping it hasn’t aggravated this particular security guard.

The retired former boxer initially looked like he didn’t want to get involved, but then threw a lightning-fast right hook as he grew frustrated with the individual.

Someone has since taken to Wikipedia to update Francis’ professional boxing record and they tagged his last opponent as Blue DuRag Man.

The result was of course listed as a win for the 57-year-old via TKO to improve his record to 24 wins, 24 losses and a draw.

Julius Francis Wikipedia page changed after Boxpark punch

In the 1990s, Francis was the British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion and he was one of Britain’s most feared fighters.

He is probably best known for taking on a young Vitali Klitschko in 1998, where he was beaten in two rounds, then also tasted defeat against mike tyson In 2000.

BOXPARK founder and CEO Roger Wade released a statement regarding the incident and defended Francis.

He said: ‘I woke up to a viral story about one of our security teams. Julius Francis, is the former British heavyweight boxing champion.

Julius Francis Wikipedia page changed after Boxpark punch
Julius Francis Wikipedia page changed after Boxpark punch

“He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and helps train underprivileged kids in boxing in his spare time.

“I understand that Julius and our security team spent 15 minutes stopping this man and his friends from abusing, spitting and hitting our customers and staff.

“They carefully escorted him off the premises under constant provocations and violence.

“Finally, the person approached Julius in a confrontational way and he defended himself.

“Acts of violence or abuse towards a staff member should never be tolerated.

“How would you react if someone approached you violently? What would you do next if you were me? I’m with Julius.

The Blue DuRag Man might want to think twice if he ever comes face to face with a former professional boxer.

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