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Josh Johnson’s Wikipedia page includes a comprehensive list of professional football teams

New York Jets quarterback Mike White injured his forearm against the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday night, so Josh Johnson came in.

Johnson has been all over the place, most recently with the XFL Los Angeles Wildcats. Yet although Johnson maintains a star stature in the XFL, the National Football League will forever be the pinnacle of the sport.

So when the Jets came to call, Johnson listened. Zach Wilson and now White have fallen in consecutive weeks which means Johnson has had his chance.

Johnson is a fellow footballer and has proven to be capable enough as a substitute to be called up not only to several NFL teams, but several leagues.

The complete list is astounding.

Josh Johnson’s teams

That’s a lot, eh!

Josh Johnson College

Johnson attended the University of San Diego, where he enrolled in 2004.

Josh Johnson’s salary

Johnson signed a one-year minimum contract with the Jets worth just under $ 600,000.

Josh Johnson Career Income

In 2020, OverTheCap estimated his career earnings to be just under $ 5 million, but that’s impossible to track given that Johnson has played in multiple leagues.

Josh Johnson’s draft

Johnson was drafted in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Josh Johnson XFL

Johnson’s stats are impressive, and linked here, for the Los Angeles Wildcats.

It’s unclear exactly how long Johnson will have to start. He could be the man for the rest of the night, with White doubtful to return and still struggling with forearm issues.

The Jets traded to Joe Flacco on the deadline, and he is listed as the team’s backup quarterback on the team’s official depth chart. Still, it was Johnson who was dressed and got the call when White fell.

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