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IT Ministry summons Wikipedia officials after tampered Arshdeep Singh page contains separatist claims

Arshdeep Singh has had his Wikipedia page tampered with by right-wing trolls following a fall in the Asian Cup loss to Pakistan.

India’s IT Ministry has asked Wikipedia authorities to summon before them and clarify how Indian cricketer Arshdeep Singh’s Wikipedia page details were changed after Sunday’s (September 4) game against Pakistan.

Singh’s page was tampered with and he claimed to be associated with a separatist group leading calls for “Khalistan”.

The current Government of India’s IT Department will seek explanations from Wikipedia officials on how anyone could access their page and make any changes to the details present therein about the Indian Sikh cricketer.

“The Ministry of IT is summoning Wikipedia executives in India, to meet with them today to seek an explanation of how Indian cricket team bowler Arshdeep Singh’s Wikipedia page entry was been amended to reflect the association of Khalistan”, Economic Times reporter Ashish Aryan reported on Twitter.

“The high-level panel, likely to be led by the secretary of the IT department, will question Wikipedia executives on the checks and balances in place to prevent such changes, may also issue them a show cause notice.”

IT Ministry Summons Wikipedia Over Arshdeep Singh’s Falsified Page

Arshdeep Singh’s page tampering has come to light after India lost in the Super 4 Asia Cup 2022 clash against Pakistan in Dubai.

Although the cricketer delivered a highly restrictive 1/27 spell from his 3.5 overs, the left-arm player came under scrutiny for his downfield efforts midway through the 18th in the run- prosecution of Pakistan.

With 32 needed from 15, Arshdeep ended up dropping dangerous Pakistani power hitter Asif Ali after a casual attempt to grab a keeper Ali had pushed through the air on a big miss.

The snag was a mistake under pressure from the cricketer, for which regular followers of the sport, prominent figures in the cricketing fraternity and his teammates consoled him.

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But some right-wingers took the case inhumanely on Arshdeep’s religious inclination and questioned his nationalist faith.

This led to the Khalistan Association’s horrific allegations against the cricketer, which India’s IT Ministry noted and demanded an explanation from Wikipedia authorities.

It is not the first time an Indian cricketer has faced such unacceptable religious claims and dire questions about his nationalist allegiance in recent years.

Indian pacemaker Mohammad Shami has been the target of some of the most absurd trolling and Islamophobic allegations about his patriotism after an indifferent spell in the loss to Pakistan at the T20 World Cup in Dubai last year.

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