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‘In tears I asked God how I would cope with these little children’ Actress Regina Chukwu recalls her husband’s death as her daughter rings the 21st

Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu has remembered her husband’s death as her daughter celebrates her 21st birthday on April 6, 2022.

In the long post shared on her Instagram page, Regina Chukuwu said she was surprised that her daughter was already 21, and it was still like yesterday when she held her in her hand for the first time.

Regina Chukwu also recalled the death of her husband, how she cried, asking God how she would cope with her two children and the fear of caring for them on her own.

Regina Chukwu also said that she was afraid to face her children during their teenage years, and she asked God for help so that they would not be influenced in the wrong way.

She wrote: It’s my daughter’s 21st birthday tomorrow. It’s so surreal right now, me Regina I have a 21 year old daughter wow. It’s still like yesterday that I healed you in my arms for the first time, my tiny little baby is now officially an adult.

I mean it felt like yesterday when I looked down on you and your brother and looked up at the sky in tears asking God how can I cope with these little ones on their own, it feels like yesterday when I had all this fear of how to manage on your own during your adolescence.

(I was afraid that I would not do well) I prayed to God to help me train you and your brother so that you will not be influenced in the wrong way because I know how much l teenage years can be difficult,
But look at you now, my Ada, you’re such a calm girl, you made it easy, you’re special my little mama

Now let me leave all these emotions till tomorrow Happy birthday in advance amakamma. People, it’s @nwaforracheal_’s birthday tomorrow, she’s at school, (Babcock) in case you see her, help me hug her, tell her mom is so excited

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