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I read the Wikipedia page for the movies instead of actually watching them

Last fall I tweeted, “Ah, October… the month I consider watching a horror movie, decide I can’t handle it, read its Wikipedia page and call it a day. Granted, this was an extreme case – often I * end * * sitting watching a full movie – but I was shocked when strangers replied that they too had done the thing I was doing. shamefully long considered shameful. With my knowledge and a lot of additional research (for journalism, of course), I’m here to prove that this should be your process as well.

It gives you a deeper appreciation of the movie

For noble intellectual reasons that I learned in college but soon forgot, the plot is not the most “important” part of a film. Unfortunately, I’m a very anxious person who has a hard time concentrating on anything else because it stresses me out when the characters are in danger or even slightly inconvenienced. (Child I couldn’t even sit down Billboard dad, a story with absolutely no stakes.) Pre-reading a synopsis allows me to stop circling around what’s about to happen and instead focus on what “really matters”… the deep themes of a movie ? Its settingscene? Something!

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It helps you if you are totally lost

As time goes on since I went to a real movie theater and was forced to devote all of my attention to a movie, I am less able to watch one without playing on my phone and missing out. something / everything. (I’m sorry! I didn’t do that to my brain, Mark Zuckerberg did! Take it with him !!!)

It makes you an expert

Look, I don’t like to be afraid. I very rarely like to be sad. Play a movie> spend 90 to 270 minutes getting scared or sad. But I To do likes to talk about things with authority. So I also read about producing, receiving a movie and, if I’m lucky, the controversies associated with it, which makes me an insider whether or not I finish the movie. And, I mean, isn’t that pretty much why God invented Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia?

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