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Hunter x Hunter Creator Yoshihiro Togashi Announces New Hires Due To Ongoing Health Issues

Hunter X Hunter Creator, author, and illustrator Yoshihiro Togashi announced on Monday, August 29, that he plans to hire more staff to help produce his series. The decision comes after reports that Togashi’s health has not been improving since returning to work on the manga.

Some reports have gone so far as to say that his health has deteriorated in recent weeks, as evidenced by the slow pace of work that Togashi updated fans on via Twitter. Now it seems the Hunter X Hunter mangaka’s pain is debilitating enough to force the hiring of additional editorial staff.

Follow this article which fully breaks down the latest reports regarding the famous Hunter X Hunter the author’s health.

Hunter x Hunter Togashi’s health shows no improvement several weeks after series production resumes

No399… 背景 効果 指定 完 了。 返却。。 。no400… オレ の 指定 待ち。。 スタッフ 増員 する 事 事 し まし た 筆代わり の ミリペン 死 程遅い 程遅い。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。#公募はしておりません

by Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter X Hunter manga is one of the most famous series in the medium, beloved by critics and fans alike. The announcement of the series’ return several months ago was an incredibly welcoming, exciting, and promising development.

However, his lower back health issues have seen no signs of improvement in recent weeks, with some reports claiming they have worsened since production resumed. Ahead of his next show in October, Togashi sent out a tweet announcing his plans to hire more staff, along with a full statement on the decision. The announcement reads as follows:

“You’re probably thinking, ‘Go draw the next chapter already.’ Granted, I was unable to sit in a chair for two years, which kept me from drawing, but by throwing conventional methods to the wayside, I was able to resume drawing somehow. on the other, your back and hips. Just two weeks before writing this post, I couldn’t get into a position to wipe my butt and had to take a shower every time I pooped. It takes me 3-5 times longer to do the daily movements. Your hips are important.”

@Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp Translation: #399) I have finished advising my assistants on the background effect. Waiting for the manuscript to come back to them. No. 400) I need to give advice. BTW, I decided to hire more assistants. It takes much longer to draw with a fineliner than to write with a brush.

Monday’s tweet also clarified that the background effects for Chapter 399 have been completed, with the next issue expected to begin production once Togashi submits its specs to his team. He added that staff additions are not made through open recruitment, likely intended to deter fans from reaching out with applications.

Hunter X Hunter the manga has been on an indefinite hiatus since November 2018, with the previous return date being September 2018, after another hiatus since April 2018. The manga had previously gone on hiatus in September 2017, returning in January 2018 before the aforementioned April 2018 hiatus . Prior to September 2017, the series had been on hiatus for several years.

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