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Humiliation of Grant Shapps: Minister changed school grades on his own Wikipedia page | Politics | New

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, pulled out of the race to become Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s replacement yesterday as the race for power intensifies. It is suggested Mr Shapps was unable to garner enough support from Tory MPs to get his name on the ballot. Instead, Mr Shapps backed former Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s bid to move to Downing Street, in a tweet.

The revelation means eight candidates are now frantically trying to win the support of MPs.

In order to stay on the ballot, candidates must get at least 30 or more nominations from MPs or they will be eliminated from the selection contest.

ITV has reported that so far Mr Sunak and Penny Mordaunt are the first to be comfortably put on the ballot.

In a tweet, Mr Shapps said: “A big thank you to my team for helping me organize my leadership bid in no time!

“Among a group of bright candidates I spoke to [Mr Sunak] who I believe has the skill and experience to lead this country.”

While Mr Shapps’ quest to become Prime Minister ended in failure, it has sparked renewed interest in the 53-year-old, who has been the MP for Welwyn Hatfield since 2005.

This included archival accounts which showed when he was chairman of the Conservative Party, Mr Shapps reported editing a number of entries on his Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, which is written and maintained by the public, and a community of volunteers, who may edit entries on any passage submitted to the site.

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According to the Observer, the entry on its Wikipedia page originally read: “It was revealed in May 2008 that Grant Shapps, along with other shadow ministers, had received large donations from companies linked to his leading portfolio.

“The revelations were potentially damaging to Shapps given the scale of the donations he had received – tens of thousands of pounds from two online mortgage brokers, a property agent, a commercial property developer and of a law firm specializing in conveyancing and remortgaging – and the suggestion that these might influence Conservative policies.”

He added: ‘Grant Shapps has also drawn media attention for a number of unfortunate blunders during his tenure on the Tory bench.

In its place, a section on Mr. Shapps’ work on homelessness has been added.

It was reported, Mr Shapps wrote: ‘His work became sufficiently influential in the homeless sector when he launched the Homelessness Foundation with Conservative leader David Cameron in May 2008 and prominent figures in the sector have all joins the Advisory Board of the Homelessness Foundation.”

Jack Dromey, the Shadow Housing Minister, said Shapps had given ‘hubris a bad name’, adding: ‘Grant Shapps can’t hide from his past. He and the Tory party were too close to Tory developers who gave them their support.”

At the time, the Conservative Party declined to comment and when contacted by no response was forthcoming.

More recently, Ms Mordaunt and Mr Sunak remain favorites with bookmakers to become the next Prime Minister.

Other suitors include Liz Truss, Tom Tugendhat and Kemi Badenoch, Betfair reports.

Its spokesman, Sam Rosbottom, said: “Penny Mordaunt had been the favorite with Rishi Sunak to be the next Tory leader after being pushed back from 9/4 from 5/1 overnight, however, the Former Chancellor returned to the front on 8/15 this morning to succeed Boris Johnson.

“Liz Truss trails at 9/2, while Tom Tugendhat and Kemi Badenoch are both 14/1. Elsewhere, Labour’s hopes of having a general election this year look slim at 15/1, 2023 being 4/1.”

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