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How will SHIELD be rebuilt after a secret invasion?

SHIELD has been an extremely important organization in the history of Marvel comics. At the same time, he also played a role in the MCU. From the earliest Iron Man movies, we’ve seen Nick Fury approach Tony Stark in the post-credits scene. Eventually, we saw SHIELD play a big role in the Avengers movie’s final culmination. We’ve seen the power of SHIELD with its Helicarriers and Quinjets. Then there are the vast weapon systems created using the Tesseract in the organization’s underground bunker. The fans were also invested in this organization. They rallied around Maria Hill, Agent Phil Coulson and of course the Boss himself Nick Fury. However, SHIELD also ran into multiple obstacles. So what will happen to SHIELD after the Secret Invasion Disney+ series?

The Collapse of SHIELD

Captain America and Black Widow take down SHIELD

With Captain America: Winter Soldier, the integrity of SHIELD was called into question. We discovered that he had been infiltrated by HYDRA. Even Nick Fury couldn’t stop it. In fact, he too was in the dark about it for quite some time until his assassination was attempted by Winter Soldier. Eventually, he found out that his friend and Secretary of the World Security Council, Alexander Pierce, was the leader of HYDRA. Over the course of the film, we follow Steve Rogers as he discovers the extent to which HYDRA has taken over SHIELD. By the end of Winter Soldier, SHIELD had all but collapsed. And Captain America destroying Arnim Zola’s technology released the information of hundreds of agents, including Black Widow and her controversial past. Steve Rogers insisted that the organization be disbanded, especially after realizing how dangerous Project INSIGHT was and how it could rain fire on the world.

Alexandre Pierce

However, the organization was kept alive by a few of its select agents. SHIELD was somewhat restored as a government-sanctioned organization in Season 4 of the TV series Agents of SHIELD. But whether or not this show is part of the MCU’s timeline and canon or not is still unanswered.

Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion

This is an event where shapeshifting Skrulls basically planned to overtake Earth by infiltrating it. They would achieve this by slowly replacing superheroes and other members of society with their own shape-shifting people. Nick Fury and Talos will have to prevent that from happening in the upcoming Disney+ series. We saw a glimpse of such an infiltration during Captain Marvel. That’s when Fury and Carol Danvers had to eliminate the impostor using clever and subtle clues. With the release of the Secret Invasion trailer, fans realized that SHIELD might just be coming back to the fore.

Will SHIELD return to its former glory?

Nick Fury will restore SHIELD

The Secret Invasion trailer takes us back to SHIELD with what will most likely be a well-paced spy thriller. After returning to Earth, it appears that Nick Fury is recruiting his own group of agents and rebuilding SHIELD once again. This includes meeting Maria Hill and Everett K. Ross, who you might remember from Black Panther. He works in the shadows and makes his plans while wearing street clothes to blend in. His meeting places have become discreet bars. What this denotes is a shift in gender. Instead of big, CGI-filled battles against otherworldly threats, Secret Invasion gives us skilled espionage and a heightened sense of paranoia. This way, Nick Fury could resume his journey as Director of SHIELD. He can take control and restore the organization to its former glory.

Everett K. Ross returns for Secret Invasion

In the meantime, it looks like SHIELD is working under the US government to some degree. In Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sharon Carter is seen being offered a job in her old department. And we know that before she was branded an enemy of the state, she worked for SHIELD. She is given back her title of Agent Carter and she is even welcomed “home” which can only mean one thing. SHIELD still exists. But he is in dire need of leadership as Sharon Carter as Madripoor’s Power Broker surely has something up his sleeve.

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