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How to Use the Scavenger’s Tools – LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Wiki Guide

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With the ability to start from any of the three sagas episodes and the ability to unlock characters through cheat codes, chances are you’ve probably stumbled upon a Scavenger character before unlocking their tool abilities. unique, which are essential to explore blocked paths and solve puzzles throughout each mission. This LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga guide will detail how to unlock and use all three Scavenger abilities, as well as how to switch between each of the unique tools.


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How to Unlock Recovery Tools

To unlock Scavenger abilities, you will need to progress through Episode VII, The Force Awakens, until you reach the story mission, Falls for falls. With your party consisting of BB-8 and Rey (a Scavenger-type character), your main objective will be to collect 20 pieces of scrap scattered throughout Niima Outpost.

Once you’ve collected all 20 Scrap Pieces, you’ll be able to craft all three Salvage Tools at their specific workbenches in the area. Once crafted, you’ll be tasked with completing a short tutorial that walks you through using the Glider, Net Launcher, and Circuit Breaker Blaster. After completing Scraps for Scraps, all recovery tools will be permanently unlocked.

All scavenger abilities

The Scavenger’s main ability is based around finding scrap metal and using it to build tools. These tools are useful for exploration, traversal, and combat; making this type of character one of the most versatile. The three tools waste pickers can use are detailed below:

All recovery tools
Tool How to use the ability
Glider The glider is mainly used to fly over large gaps.
network launcher The Net Launcher can be used to launch nets at blocks marked with a large white X. These nets can then be climbed to reach the top of the block.
Blaster Breaker The Breaker Blaster is used to destroy breakable walls marked with glowing blue cracks.


How to select a recovery tool

Now that you’ve unlocked them, it’s time to put them to good use. At any time while controlling a Scavenger character, hold B/Circle to bring up the Tool menu. Scroll through the three tools and select the one you want to use with A/Cross. It should be noted that Scavenger Tools has unlimited uses; however, you can drop a tool at any time by pressing B/Circle or simply swap it with another by reopening the Tool menu.

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