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How to Use Facepaints – All Facepaints – Horizon Forbidden West Wiki Guide

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You can customize Aloy with face paints in Horizon Forbidden West, but first you need to unlock them and figure out how to equip the face paints. This page explains how to use face paints and will soon catalog all face paints available in Horizon Forbidden West. Also check out How to get dyes and dye your outfits to change Aloy’s look even more.

How to get face paints


All Facepaints – Horizon Forbidden West

Face paints are mainly earned by completing main quests, side quests and races,

but are also sometimes rewarded for completing other activities, such as hunting grounds. You’ll get your first Face Paint pretty early, either from the Deep Trouble side quest or The Embassy main quest. Despite unlocking a facepaint early, you won’t be able to use it for quite a while, except in photo mode, for quite a while.

How To Equip Facepaints

Unfortunately, Aloy isn’t a makeup guru, so she can’t apply face paint herself in Horizon Forbidden West – however, if you just want to see what the face paint looks like, you can still equip Face Paint whenever you want in photo mode! This will not persist once you leave the photography session.

Instead, for a more permanent makeover with Face Paint, Aloy should visit a painter in Horizon Forbidden West. These are marked on the map with a primitive tattoo tool icon with “Painter (Face Paints)”.

There is no difference between paintersand you will find three Tenakth settlements with Painters:

  • Burning Spear
  • the rampart
  • thorny swamp


The first painter will not be found until you head west to the town of Tap to revealwhich you will naturally encounter only after completing the interlude of the main quest The Eye of the Earth.

Once you’ve completed this quest (where you’ll find “The Base”), head straight west to find the first settlement with a painter.

Applying these face paints only costs 10 metal shards, but you will have to pay every time you change Aloy’s look.

How to unlock all face paints

Face paints called Elemental Fury, Ranged Master, Powershots, and Chain Burst all appear to be Photo Mode exclusives and are available immediately. The rest must be unlocked by doing the quests below.

face paint name How to unlock
main quest
Carja Coat of Arms The Embassy, main quest
Utaru’s Whisperer The dying landsmain quest
Conqueror Tenakth The broken skymain quest
Reaver Tenakth The Wings of Ten, main quest
side quest
Artificer Oseram deep problemside quest
Scholar Carja Twilight Path Side Quest
Carja Shadow The Burning Flowersside quest
Vindicator Tenakth A tribe apart, parallel quest
Harvester of Utaru The old forest, parallel quest
Winner Tenakth Thirst for hunting, parallel quest
Protector of Utaru The promontory, parallel quest
Tenakth Tactician A soldier’s march, parallel quest
Recon Tenakth Blood for blood, parallel quest
Oseram Attacker Noble ambitions, a parallel quest
Utaru’s birth singer The second verse, parallel quest
Tenakth Dragon In the fog, parallel quest
Tenakth Marauder Call and answer, shopping
Oseram Traveler Broken locks, races
Sky Climber Tenakth A hunt to remember, race
Tenakth Skirmisher Burden of Command, Races
Harvester of Utaru The old forest, races
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