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How to Unlock the Service Rifle from the New Update in GTA Online

GTA Online players will be able to obtain the Service Rifle from the Criminal Enterprises update via a brand new collectible, but it hasn’t been released yet. Another new weapon, the Sniper Rifle, is available for purchase from Ammu-Nation for $450,000. There’s no need for a guide on how to get the sniper rifle, given how easy it is to get to Ammu-Nation. However, the Service Carbine is another story.

Five collectibles are scattered across 10 random locations in the overworld of GTA Online. Luckily, for players curious about getting this weapon, all 10 locations have already been found by dataminers.

REMARK: This gun is not available at launch and will be dripfed later. This article covers the datamined method, so keep in mind that you can’t get it on launch day through normal means.

Here’s How GTA Online Players Can Get The Criminal Enterprises Service Carbine Update

To unlock the Service Carbine, you must collect 5 components (Barrel, Magazine, Receiver, Sights, and Scope) which can be found at *randomly appearing* crime scenes in southern South Africa. There are 10 possible crime scene locations. #GTAOnline

Remember that the gun is not available on patch day. The above method is what has been disclosed so far and is subject to change. It’s unclear when Rockstar Games will add this new Random Event as they haven’t made a specific announcement about it yet.

This tweet shows all 10 supposed locations. Using a high mobility vehicle, such as the Oppressor Mk II, to quickly move through all 10 possible locations is highly recommended. The author of this article has checked all 10 locations to verify that this random event is not yet in-game.

It’s worth noting that some players are claiming to have pulled it out of nowhere, but that’s supposedly based on whether or not they have a modded account.

REMINDER: Players cannot obtain the Service Rifle in GTA Online through normal means at launch. GTA Online enthusiasts should wait for it to be distributed to them later.

Gameplay footage

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Most Assault Rifles tend to be good in GTA Online, and the Service Carbine seems to be good too. His recoil is below average and he is able to take out other players with ten shots to the body. This YouTuber has done a great job showing off what the gun can do, with the following image showcasing his official stats.

His official stats (Image via Arsen Y)
His official stats (Image via Arsen Y)

These official stats are a decent guideline for seeing how good a new weapon is in GTA Online. Compared to the popular Carbine Rifle Mk II, the Service Carbine has:

  • Slightly more damage
  • Similar rate of fire
  • Similar accuracy

Based on early gameplay footage, these stats seem to match up pretty well with what’s listed here. This extra damage can be useful for finishing off certain enemies, especially for players who can’t reliably aim headshots.

Whether or not that will change when the weapon is officially released remains to be seen. GTA Online players have been scrambling to learn how to get the Service Rifle, so it’s vital for them to know that the weapon isn’t out yet. Rockstar Games has already released content throughout an update, so it’s no different here in The Criminal Enterprises.

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