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How to throw and catch a snowball in ‘GTA 5 Online’ on PC, Xbox Series X and PS5

Grand Theft Auto (RGT) Vs The Christmas update allows players to collect snowballs and then throw them at each other for fun, or possibly with intent to kill.

games like Fortnite and Pokémon GO have been in the holiday spirit for over a week now, as Animal crossing: New Horizons got ready for its Toy Day celebrations throughout December.

By comparing, GTA V is relatively late in the party as the game waited until December 23 to release its own “Festive Surprise” update. Turning the town of Los Santos into a winter wonderland, this patch sees major landmarks get a makeover, themed clothing up for grabs, and even a Gallivanter Baller ST offered as a free login bonus.

On top of that, the generally sweltering map has been covered with a thick layer of snow, which allows for a great change of scenery. It’s not just a superficial transformation, as the colder weather also has an implication for the gameplay.

Namely, it allows players to engage in light snowball fights with each other. Much like the visual makeover, this healthy interaction is out of the ordinary for GTA online, which is best known for rewarding murder and all kinds of criminal activity.

That being said, there’s a possibility that these snowball fights will go wrong, as you can technically kill with the projectiles if you’re persistent enough. According to the official RGT wiki, it takes three snowballs to kill a civilian NPC and up to 10 to take out a rival player. Meanwhile, you can also use them to damage property and remove car headlights if you want.

Regardless of how you intend to use snowballs (whether it’s just for harmless fun or to indulge in acts of nastiness), you’ll actually need to craft them in the first place. This guide will explain how to do this for each platform version of GTA V.

How to make snowballs in ‘GTA 5’

Snowballs are a limited time item in GTA V, as they only appear during these annual Festive Surprise updates. With that in mind, you’ll want to enjoy the fun mechanics while you still can.

To build your arsenal, you must first log into GTA Online, because snowballs are not available in single player story mode. From there, you’ll need to make sure you’re unarmed, and then stand straight on top of some snowy terrain.

Once you’re in position, all you need to do is press a specific button (depending on what system you’re using) to pick up a snowball. You can hold up to nine of these projectiles at a time.

The commands for picking up a snowball on Xbox, PlayStation and PC are as follows:

  • On PS4 / PS5: press the left button of the directional pad
  • On Xbox One / Xbox Series X: Press the left button
  • On PC: Press the “G” key.

How to throw snowballs in ‘GTA 5’

Once you’ve stocked up on snowballs, you can throw them just like you would a hand grenade or C4 explosive.

To equip them, just open the weapon wheel and select the snowball icon. From there, the standard aim and fire controls apply.

The image shows a keyart for the festive surprise update “GTA V”. With this seasonal patch, you can now throw snowballs in the online component of the game.
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