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How to Summon Spirits – Elden Ring Wiki Guide

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In Elden Ring, you can summon AI spirits to help you fight powerful enemies in Elden Ring. To summon, you will need to obtain the Spirit Calling Bell.


In addition to being able to summon friendly players to aid you in certain encounters, you can now summon spirits using Ashes of the Dead in Elden Ring. These allies come in many shapes and forms, only one type can be summoned at a time and can only be summoned in certain areas. They also can’t be summoned while you’re engaged in a multiplayer mode, so you’ll have to choose carefully who you want to help you out – as extra players can make bosses stronger and tougher, but Spirits won’t. not, although they have an AI and types of attacks.

How to Get the Spirit Call Bell

After encountering Melina obtaining Torrent in West Limgrave (which can be done by resting at the third Grace Site you activate), fast travel (don’t run) back to Elleh’s Church.

If done correctly, the Merchant Kale will be passed out and a strange fog will have settled around the place. Near the ruined walls, you can meet a peculiar witch who gives you a Spirit Calling Bell. If she doesn’t spawn during the day and you haven’t left the first area yet, try to quickly get to Elleh’s Church at night.

Note that if you continued to explore far beyond Limgrave after obtaining Torrent and found your way to the Roundtable Hold hub area, the witch will no longer appear at Elleh’s Church. Luckily, you can purchase the Summoning Bell and Lone Wolf Ashes from a Round Table merchant, but it won’t be free.

How to Summon Spirit Ashes in Battle

Spirits work much like spells, but unlike incantations or glitterstone magic, they don’t need to be assigned to memory and won’t take up slots. Instead, they can be assigned to your quick menu or tool belt items, and summoned by pressing X (or square), which will ring your character’s spirit bell. However, the Spirit Calling Bell is not an item you equip. It is in your inventory. Instead, you’ll equip specific Ashes that you find across the world. Each spirit will require a certain amount of FP to summon – usually the stronger they are by default, the more expensive they will be (some even cost HP instead of FP!)

Spirits can’t be summoned everywhere – as there are only certain places they can spawn and help you, such as bosses, open areas in Legacy Dungeons, and enemy encampments. When you can summon spirits, there will be a luminous icon on the left representing an arch with a writing in the middle.


Note: If you try to play stealth, your friendly summon may reveal your location to enemies. Summon when ready for battle.

Each spirit you can summon is of the enemies you can face as you explore The Lands Between. They range from humanoids to animals, and some spawn in groups, while others spawn singly. Each spirit has its own FP cost, and generally the stronger they are, the more expensive they will be.

Knowing which spirit you want to summon for an upcoming battle can heavily depend on what you need most for the fight. Sometimes they serve better as distractions for a boss, while other times you’ll need a strong spirit to back you up with ranged fire or directly tank an enemy.

Spirit Ashes can be found all over the Midlands through a variety of means – some are dropped by powerful enemies, some are guarded, and some can even be purchased from traveling merchants.

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